Today's Opinions

  • Reader is proud of local hospital

    Several times this year I had to take my husband, Dennis Corbin, to the emergency room, and he would be hospitalized. I was met with caring nurses who helped him get inside.

    Thanks to the nurses and CNAs who were always friendly and checking on Dennis to see if he needed anything. He received great care during his stay in the hospital.

    Thanks to Dr. Jerome Dixon and Dr. Summer Tucker who, with their great bedside manner, gave Dennis their best care.

    Let's be proud of our hospital, the doctors and the employees who give their best to the patients.

  • New features come to CKNJ website

    Change is sometimes good, and we believe we are making some good changes to our website.

    The Central Kentucky News-Journal's site, www.cknj.com, has always featured news, sports, advertising and other aspects of our printed edition. Now, we want to give even more to our website visitors.

    You will notice a new format on our homepage, which includes some of our top stories when you arrive at our site. Before, one main story and a photo appeared on the homepage. Now, you'll see a larger photo, which will rotate and highlight a few of our main stories.

  • Speed thrills

    If you're like me, going fast is fun, and going even faster is, well, more fun.

    I've always liked to drive fast, and I've been fortunate that I haven't had too many traffic stops, and only one speeding ticket. As I've gotten older, I realize safety is more important than the thrill of speed, at least behind the wheel of my own car, so I've slowed down a little.

  • Experiencing Mammoth Cave again


    As I made my way down the nearly 300 steps, I was starting to wonder what in the world I was doing there.

    I could see the bottom of the cave through the steps as I plunged deeper in. An important note, I have a minor fear of heights.

    Hearing that it would take medics three hours to get to someone in need of medical attention heightened my fear a bit.

  • Reader wants tax money spent wisely

    Isn't it amazing how politicians, do-gooders and salesmen promise if we only spend a few more million dollars, everything will be wonderful - if the taxpayers are paying for it.

    Only three years ago, we were told by the Taylor County School Board if we didn't pay more taxes (only a nickel) it would be horrible. But it was voted down.

  • When you can't care enough to care

    You can often see it in their eyes, if you take the time to look. That far away gaze tells you they are somewhere else - maybe in the future or the past, but not the present.

    Or sometimes their eyes dart this way and that, like those of a trapped animal searching for an escape route.

    And if you have occasion to be with them for very long, you'll notice a restlessness, an inability to move forward with any kind of fruitfulness, even though they might exhibit workaholic tendencies or conversely, extreme lethargy.

  • Jobs, energy big issues for legislators

    The past couple of weeks have been busy in and around Frankfort with joint committee meetings on a wide range of issues, including the DOD's planned forced brigade reduction at Ft. Knox, the possible ways to help SNAP recipients better balance their food budgets and the impact of impending federal regulations on coal.

  • Citizen thanks mayor, judge/executive for efforts

    A heartfelt thank you is offered to Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young and Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers for coming out on July 4 in a persistent rain and presenting the proclamation that identifies Campbellsville as a "Purple Heart City." It was an honor to have them present at the Edwards-O'Banion Post 82 American Legion Hall for the ceremony originally scheduled for the main stage Fourth of July activities.