Today's Opinions

  • 'Drive sober or get pulled over' in Taylor County

    We all feel sorrow when someone is killed due to impaired driving. Unfortunately, this senseless loss of human life is a daily reality all over the nation - year after year.

    In 2011 alone, the latest year for which we have national data, more than 9,800 people died in crashes that involved a driver or motorcycle rider who had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or higher - the legal limit in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

  • Election talk already circulating


    There won't be one this year, and the next one is still a ways away, but I am already hearing some buzz around town about next year's elections.

    "Who do you think will run for this office?" has been asked, and "Do you think he will run again?" has also been a popular question.

    Elections bring a lot of excitement and apprehension — excitement for those hoping for change and apprehension for those in office who worry they won't win their seat again.

  • Repairs for aging roads a concern for legislators

    As we look for ways to increase Kentucky's competitiveness, we are also looking for ways to reduce excessive spending and keep taxpayers from being unduly burdened. 

    Last Thursday, the Budget Review Subcommittee on Transportation heard how other states are using Public Private Partnerships as a cost-effective strategy to repair aging infrastructure.

    According to a policy expert with the National Conference of State Legislatures, 33 states and Puerto Rico have laws enabling PPPs for highways and bridges.

  • What I learned from my father-in-law

    They let her know he wasn't her "real" dad when she was a little girl.

    It stung, at least for a while. "I always thought I was my daddy's 'real' little girl. I guess I was afraid that might change."

    But it didn't. Not even for a moment.

    This dad - legally her stepdad until he adopted her - treated her as his own, no different than he did her two younger siblings, his biological children. Like a "real" dad, he made her take out the trash, set the table for dinner, clear it afterwards, clean her room.

  • Story of rescued dog touches reader's heart

    The hearts of all animal lovers must have been made warm by the story of Paulette! (Local dog gets new lease on life in Vermont, published in the CKNJ on July 18).

    Thank God there are still people like Sandra, Linda and Terri, as well as the pilots who have given this dog a life.

    In this day we read of killings and abuse of children and animals so often. It is so good to read of people searching out the homeless, helpless and unloved.

    Murial Green


  • Reader is proud of local hospital

    Several times this year I had to take my husband, Dennis Corbin, to the emergency room, and he would be hospitalized. I was met with caring nurses who helped him get inside.

    Thanks to the nurses and CNAs who were always friendly and checking on Dennis to see if he needed anything. He received great care during his stay in the hospital.

    Thanks to Dr. Jerome Dixon and Dr. Summer Tucker who, with their great bedside manner, gave Dennis their best care.

    Let's be proud of our hospital, the doctors and the employees who give their best to the patients.

  • New features come to CKNJ website

    Change is sometimes good, and we believe we are making some good changes to our website.

    The Central Kentucky News-Journal's site, www.cknj.com, has always featured news, sports, advertising and other aspects of our printed edition. Now, we want to give even more to our website visitors.

    You will notice a new format on our homepage, which includes some of our top stories when you arrive at our site. Before, one main story and a photo appeared on the homepage. Now, you'll see a larger photo, which will rotate and highlight a few of our main stories.

  • Speed thrills

    If you're like me, going fast is fun, and going even faster is, well, more fun.

    I've always liked to drive fast, and I've been fortunate that I haven't had too many traffic stops, and only one speeding ticket. As I've gotten older, I realize safety is more important than the thrill of speed, at least behind the wheel of my own car, so I've slowed down a little.