Today's Opinions

  • I deserve a tip just like a waitress

    What are people thinking?

    Since the job availability in Campbellsville isn't the best right now, I have taken a job that I did back in high school. I am back in the delivery business.

    This is what I do not understand. When you sit down at a restaurant and you have a waiter or waitress bring your food and drinks, you wouldn't just leave without leaving them some compensation for all their hard work.

  • Maybe paper ballots will be better?

    Back to the Future. That's not just a movie title anymore. Now, apparently, it's going to be our voting system.

    As a story on last Thursday's front page explains, the County has approved the use of paper ballots for the November General Election. Federal money pays for voting machines, and counties can choose the system that works best for them.

    Taylor Fiscal Court has approved the purchase of machines that will scan paper ballots - ballots a lot like those we used years ago.

  • The truth beats speculation

    A recently published column by a Kentucky Press Association Hotline attorney shed light on something that is commonly misunderstood - the release of the names of juveniles who appear in court records.

    The simple answer is that news organizations are protected by the First Amendment and by Kentucky law from any liability for publishing the contents of court documents.

    That's the simple answer. There are always more complex issues to weigh.

  • Lunsford can't get his facts straight

    After a recent visit to Richmond, Bruce Lunsford made a serious campaign mistake when he referred to Eastern Kentucky University as a satellite campus of the University of Kentucky. Initially, I was shocked by Lunsford's ignorance about our state's universities. But, then again, what do you expect from a guy who lives in Arizona and Chicago most of the time?

  • Trace Creek needs to play by the rules

    I would like to start this letter with a "Great Job" to all of the 7- and 8-year-old girls on all of the teams.

    Trace Creek Girls' Softball general rules were made to be broken or at least some don't have to follow them if it benefits certain others. Anyone that went to the Web site and read the rules will notice the first rule was broken.

  • What kids want

    What has turned out to be a really good day for kids has also turned out to be a really good marketing tool for Taylor County and Green River Lake.

    Hundreds of kids (and with kids come parents) descended on Green River Lake on Saturday as the local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation sponsored its 2008 Kids Outdoor Day.

    It's almost an accomplishment of monumental proportions - coordinating activities on the waterfront, in the pavilion area at Green River Lake State Park and at Camp Kentahten. It was hot, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

  • Relay for Life exceeds goal

    This year's Relay for Life not only topped last year's fundraising total, organizers says it beat the group's goal by more than $6,000.


    Combined with more than $50,000 from the St. Baldrick's cancer fundraiser in March, the total Campbellsville and Taylor County has raised for cancer research is awesome.

    Cancer affects all of us in one way or another, whether it's through ourselves or a family member. It's up to all of us to support the effort to find a cure.

  • Will the Senate preserve Medicare beneficiaries' access to care?

    In a few days, the United States Senate will consider legislation to preserve access to quality, affordable and timely health care services for our nation's seniors. As our Senators consider how they will vote on this important legislation, I ask them to keep in mind that patients and physicians are the central tenets of the Medicare program - one cannot function without the other. It is my sincere hope they will choose our state's seniors and disabled and not the special financial interests of the insurance industry.