• TCMS Baseball Boosters

    On behalf of the TCMS Baseball Boosters, we would like to thank the following for their contributions to making the 2008 season a success:

    Campbellsville University, Ingersoll Rand Co., Community Trust Bank, Parrott and Ramsey Funeral Home, Citizens Bank, Taylor County Bank and H&W Sport Shop.

    Again, thank you for your continued support of our youth.

    Joyce Pelly

    TCMS Baseball Boosters


  • Central Kentucky Arts Series

    The 41st season of the Central Kentucky Arts Series is now complete, and we want to thank the members of the community who contributed to the success of the programs. We very much appreciate the help of the local media, including the Central Kentucky News-Journal, WGRK, WTCO and WVLC whose publication of announcements and donation of on-air time ensured that our community was made aware of Arts Series events.

  • First Lady met with snide remarks

    I was reading in a paper recently about Laura Bush being asked to speak to the students at an all-girls college where she was greeted with some catcalls and snide remarks. I was wondering, who these little tarts think they are?

  • Stop trashing Stoner Creek Road

    This letter is not meant for all the people who travel Stoner Creek Road from Acton to KY 70.

    It is meant for the uneducated, stupid idiots who throw their fast food bags, chicken boxes and beer cans.

    Keep it up. Someone soon will get your license number and you will be picking up the trash on this road next.

    Jack Strawder

    Stoner Creek Road


  • Excellence in Teaching

    I was one of the privileged individuals to be recognized at the 22nd Annual Excellence in Teaching Ceremony at Campbellsville University on Saturday. Without a doubt May 17, 2008, will stay with me as a highlight in my teaching career.

    I have been in the "learning business" (for all of teaching is an extension of learning) in both higher education and secondary schools for 23 years. As I looked around the room on that beautiful sunny afternoon, I could see and feel the pride that each teacher (including myself) brought to your beautiful new student center.

  • Blood drive

    The blood drive Saturday, May 17 at Taylor County Elementary School was a huge success.

    The American Red Cross received 95 units of blood, exceeding the goal of 90 they had set for the school. Out of that number, 59 were first time donors. Thanks to everyone who recruited, volunteered and gave blood that day.

    Colleen Noe

    Guidance Counselor

    Taylor County Elementary


  • Seeking those stationed at Cochran Field

    We are seeking officers, enlisted men, WACs, cadets, Britons, civilians and/or their families and friends who were stationed at Cochran Field or lived in Macon, Ga. during World War II, who would be willing to contribute artifacts, photos, articles and stories pertaining to their experience with the men and women working there.

    If so, please contact: Mike Rowland, Archivist, WR-LC/MU, 1942 Heritage Blvd., Robins AFB, GA 31098-2442.

    Ed Wolak

    CWO2 USAF (Ret)

    Moreland, Ga.

  • Woman of the Year

    To all who are in any way responsible for my extreme honor - Taylor County Woman of the Year - I express sincere thanks.

    To the Central Kentucky News-Journal who played such an important role, merchants who so bountifully bestowed upon me so many exciting gifts, friends who wrote letters, those who sent flowers and other gifts, friends who attended and shared my happiness at the lovely reception, Campbellsville High School and all my kids, the mayor and judge/executive for the proclamation, all the caring and kindness given me by so many.

  • Gas drive-off article lacked professionalism

    I want to let you know how disappointed I am in the lack of professionalism displayed in the article concerning drive-offs in Monday's paper. I am unclear to the motive or intended message of the article. Stating things like cameras don't capture plate numbers and police can do nothing without a plate number will do nothing to deter drive-offs.

  • I deserve a tip just like a waitress

    What are people thinking?

    Since the job availability in Campbellsville isn't the best right now, I have taken a job that I did back in high school. I am back in the delivery business.

    This is what I do not understand. When you sit down at a restaurant and you have a waiter or waitress bring your food and drinks, you wouldn't just leave without leaving them some compensation for all their hard work.