• TCHS thanks Project Graduation supporters

    On Friday, May 28, at Taylor County High School, 257 young people received their high school diplomas. On Saturday, May 29, those same young people, now high school graduates, woke up - alive and well - to start the next chapter in their lives. This was because, in large part, to the success of Project Graduation.

  • CHS thanks Project Graduation supporters

    On behalf of the 2013 Campbellsville High School Project Graduation Committee, we would like to thank the following contributors:

  • Reader wants park operated by private company

    I wonder if anyone has ever thought of privatizing Miller Park. I say this from strictly an economic angle.

    The park costs the city money, about $250,000 per year, unless the budget is amended to cover said costs. By cutting the budget by $250,000, economic stimulus would soon follow.

  • Board chair addresses superintendent's contract

    In response to Mr. DeWitt’s recent letter to the editor regarding the Taylor County Board of Education, I would like to set the record straight by answering the questions asked in his letter.

    First, I have served for the past 20 years on the Taylor County Board of Education and have had the pleasure to work with two excellent superintendents. Both men deserved the money they earned.

    Since your comments centered on our current superintendent, I will focus on him.

  • Heroin a serious problem in Taylor County

    As some already know, there’s a highly addictive illicit drug, heroin, in our community. If this brings to mind scenes from some large city, think again.

    Ask our local officials, law enforcement or your health care provider and they will confirm there has been a dramatic increase in the use of this dangerous drug.

    Why the increase in heroin you might ask? Of course, there’s never a simple answer to a drug problem, but there’s two possible thoughts on this.

  • Church group thanks city counicl member

    We, as a Sunday school class at Green River Memorial Baptist Church, would like to commend councilman Stan McKinney for taking a stand against the sale of alcohol on Sundays or anything that promotes or encourages the use of alcohol.

    We hope our other county and city leaders will follow his choice.

    Thank you, Stan McKinney! We need more Christian leaders like you.
    Grace Wilson
    Pat Marcum
    Norma Jean Rogers
    Betty Stearman


  • Resident upset about Taylor superintendent's contract

    Can the taxpayers of Taylor County afford to give Roger Cook a $40,000 increase in his salary? No superintendent in the Taylor County school system has ever come close to $160,000 per year salary.

    Mr. Davis, the board chairman, said it was not an increase of $40,000, but any way you add it up, the difference between $160,000 and $120,000 is $40,000, according to my Taylor County school education. I think if Mr. Cook were to ask Mr. Davis to jump over Niagara Falls in a barrel, he would run for the Canadian border.

  • March is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Kentucky

    If you follow the headlines, you know that sexual abuse happens. It happens often and close to home. This reality can be overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that sexual abuse can be prevented when all community members play our part.

    March is Sexual Assault Awareness Month in Kentucky, and this March, communities across the state are standing up for sexual assault prevention by proclaiming “It’s time ... to talk about it!”

  • Senator appreciates participation at community legislative meeting

    I was honored to join Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers, Rep. John “Bam” Carney, R-Campbellsville, many other elected officials and members of the community for the standing room only Legislative Coffee event on Jan. 17 in Taylor County.

    As elected officials, hearing the concerns of our constituents is vital to us as we weigh a wide range of important issues, both locally and at the state level.

  • Support pro life

    Each January, we remember with sadness the day the Supreme Court handed down legislation that legalized abortion on demand in the historic cases known as Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

    Since then almost 56 million human babies have been brutally killed, torn apart limb by limb with surgical tools. Today and every day in the United States, more than 3,000 babies will be deprived of their right to life as they are murdered in their mother’s womb.