• Why is gas so high?

    If the national average gas price increased by 12 cents over a two-day period because of Hurricane Ike, then why did the prices in Campbellsville increase an average of 45 cents over the four days prior to Ike's landfall?

    This really seems like price gouging to me. They hear something on TV or the radio and up go the prices. How do we go about investigating this problem?

    Deane Haggerty


  • Poor customer service these days

    I left a local store this morning very frustrated. I spend between $100 and $200 a week at the local establishment. In today's economy, we have to cut costs where we can and the prices at that particular establishment can't be beat.

  • Blood test could save your life

    I am writing to give readers my testimony. I participate in Jane Todd Crawford Hospital's yearly health fair. This year, I went on a Tuesday morning to have my blood drawn.

    By 7:30 the next morning, my family doctor's office called to tell me to have some more blood work done as there was an abnormality in my white blood cell count.

  • It's time for Operation Christmas Child

    It is that time again. Oh, I know, it still feels like summer, but before you know it we will be doing our Christmas shopping.

    It is also time to start Operation Christmas Child and shop for children around the world again. These gifts may be smaller, but they're precious to the children who receive them and you will be blessed in return.

  • Shame on pet owners

    This letter is for some pet owners ... Since when do you think it is all right to take baby kittens and other helpless animals and dump them on the city street or on a back road where no one can see you?

    You know they cannot find food, so you expect them to starve to death. Your neighbors do not want them foraging in their garbage looking for food and water. I have - and take care of - five beautiful animals that someone in town just discarded like a worn-out shoe. Shame on you.

  • There's help in grieving

    Each of us as individuals experiences grief and loss when someone we love dies. Learning to live without that person can be lonely.

  • Changing my mind

    I was dead set against voting for John McCain. I was prepared to vote for Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, even though I knew in my heart he had no chance of winning.

    I just could not vote for McCain, knowing all the things he had done that I do not agree with at all, such as his so-called campaign finance reform, which was a direct slap at the First Amendment, not to mention his support of closing the non-existent "gun show loophole." Let it be known that there is no such thing as a gun show loophole. The laws apply at gun shows the same as anywhere else.

  • Nice prediction, Brockman

    I understand that CKNJ Sports Editor Bobby Brockman is wiping the egg off his face about Taylor County High School football stand outs. After he removes the egg, maybe Brockman could clean off that mustache from all that University of Louisville Kool-Aid he is obviously buying and drinking.

    Nice prediction Bobby. Go Big Blue!

    Robert Richerson


  • Not surprised

    In response to the letter about child support enforcement, it never surprises me to hear stories like this. It is wonderful how the justice system always has a computer error, etc., as it always has an excuse.

    My dad was one of those deadbeat dads. I don't know how many things I did without due to us not getting our child support. I can remember when all we had to eat was mayonnaise sandwiches and we wore shoes with holes in them.

    The jail can say they are sorry, but sorry doesn't help buy groceries, clothes, nor pay bills.

    Myrna G. Mills


  • Opposes change in drinking age

    In response to the renewed debate over underage drinking, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) reemphasizes its stance in opposition to lowering the drinking age.

    SADD believes that lowering the current minimum-age drinking laws would likely do little, if anything, to reduce problematic drinking behaviors on college campuses and would contribute to the downward age trending of initiation into alcohol use by legally moving it into the high school community.