• Disappointed in alcohol decision

    My name is Mae Kearney and I have lived in Taylor County most of my life. I lived in Green County briefly when I was a small child. I was totally disappointed in our county, when I saw the headlines of our local paper on Monday, Oct. 20 making a big deal of the first drink of alcohol legally served in Campbellsville in 71 years.

    Recently, there was a big issue about smoking in restaurants. So now you cannot smoke in restaurants, but you can drink alcohol. Isn't this trading one evil for another?

  • Things won't change just because it's legal

    If anyone assumes since it is now legal to sell alcoholic drinks with a meal at licensed restaurants in Campbellsville that it will stop the trips to "wet" counties for the usual drinking and buying of six packs, whiskey and wine, I have to say, "You live in a dream world."

  • Actually think before choosing

    For those who listen to mainstream media such as NBC, CBS and ABC, you do not get the truth. They make up the news instead of reporting it. The truth of Obama's policies is to remove any reference to God, to support and provide to abort/kill babies. He also voted if a baby lives through a botched abortion to kill them as well. He will and does provide for and support the homosexual lifestyle. He says they should receive special treatment and funds the same as a man/woman in marriage.

  • David Boswell is most qualified

    With the mess this country is in under a Republican president and the mess our ex-Republican governor left the state in, why would we want to turn the country over to more Republicans?

  • See you at the polls

    I'm sure most of your readers are as relieved as I am that this election campaign is drawing to a close. My stomach is beginning to turn at the television ads every time I hear the various ridiculous promises along with the statement, "My name is XXXXX and I approved this message." And the talking heads on the political commentary programs are just about as nauseous. Newspapers aren't quite so bad; at least I can turn to the comics section and read the real funnies.

  • Vote for Boswell

    If you are like me, you have watched with a sense of disgust and disbelief over the past few weeks as the results of the last 14 years of Republican greed, and shortsightedness have come home to roost. You remember the "Republican Revolution of 1994," don't you?

    We as voters in the 2nd Congressional District have stood by and watched as the Republicans and their "trickle down economics" have literally sold us out year by year with subsidies and tax breaks to the very companies that we made great, so that "we could compete in the world market."

  • October is "Talk About Prescriptions" Month

    Did you know that more than two-thirds of all doctors' visits end with a prescription being written?

    More than 9,000 children under the age of 6 were exposed to powerful prescription painkillers between 2003 and 2006, the nation's poison control centers reported. The average age of children affected was 2 and nearly all of the events occurred at home.

    Here's how to protect your young children from accidental injury:

  • Let's compare our choices

    In a few days, a most important election will take place. Let's compare our choices.

    On the one hand, we have Sen. Barack Obama, whose only approach to solving a problem is by taxing it or regulating it. He and Sen. Biden have a pro-abortion record that is completely opposite the strong pro-life record of Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin.

  • Don't trash the Bluegrass

    Just the other day, I saw the pastor, members and youth of Elk Horn Baptist Church picking up garbage on the side of the road. They cleaned more than 15 miles of highway and ended up with many, many bags of garbage. I would like to thank them for their service to the community.

    When I was a little boy, I tossed some trash out of the window of our car. When my mother realized what I had done, she explained to me that we don't throw garbage out the window because it takes many years to rot and asked what I thought it would look like if everybody threw their garbage out the window.

  • Political letter deadline

    The Central Kentucky News-Journal welcomes letters on a variety of topics, including letters about political races and candidates.

    We anticipate there will be letters written supporting and possibly criticizing candidates. If you support a candidate, write and tell our readers the reasons why. If there's a candidate you don't particularly like, you can write about that, too.

    Use good taste and don't libel anyone. You can say what you believe, but personal attacks or allegations that cannot be verified will not be accepted.