• The Renaissance of Downtown Campbellsville

    The time is upon us. The fat is in the fire. The sun is lit and the moon is draped in satin. I'm talking about the awakening of downtown Campbellsville. The rejuvenation of business. The revival of alcohol. A new dawn in the dark light of a recession.

  • It's never too late to try

    I've been watching Congress threshing around in their efforts to solve our current financial crisis, which some compare to the crisis that led to our Great Depression of the 1930s.

    Our newly-elected President has predicted a horrendous future for our nation unless we immediately initiate a trillion-dollar stimulus package to "jump start" our economy, declaring that "We don't have a moment to spare."

  • Restoring economy begins with housing stabilization

    Realtors across the country have been advocating for a comprehensive stimulus package to reduce housing inventory, make mortgages more affordable and available, and help deserving families refinance or modify their loans so they can keep their home.

    We are committed to these goals and to getting something done immediately. There can be no doubt that stabilizing home prices and restoring confidence in the housing market are critical to an overall economic recovery.

  • Tell electric workers thanks

    We wish to say thank you to the linemen who work for our Taylor County Rural Electric Cooperative. We feel fortunate to live in a place where local men and women are as dedicated to customer service as our local workers.

  • Pray for our soldiers

    One of the things I like to do most is spend as much time as possible in helping my mom out and spending time with her and my sister, if nothing else just watching TV with them.

    If said time is taken away, then I perceive the interrupting situation as a threat to spending those golden moments with my family. Then I think how much, much more so with our men and women involved in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These soldiers of ours are separated from their loved ones, be it their own families, their parents, or siblings, or whatever by many lands and wide oceans.

  • Judge resigns his seat

    It is with great regret that I have resigned my position as Circuit Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit in order to enter the Senior Status Judge Program.

    It has been a pleasure to serve the citizens of Washington, Marion, Taylor and Green counties as your judge for the past 25 years, 14 as your District Judge and the last 11 years as your Circuit Judge. It has been a very humbling experience for me and I hope that I served you with distinction during that time.

  • Break downward economic spiral

    The current administration and Congress are striving to implement elements of fiscal and monetary policies that will turn around our economy. Talented people are hard at work trying to address these problems.

    President Obama has made some wise choices to fill key positions in his administration, including members of the economic advisory team. These people have distinguished themselves in their fields of expertise and hopefully they will perform admirably well during the next four years.

  • Pray for yourself

    Responding to the letter about President Obama, what I think is that you are a racist person. Seems like you are jealous of Obama trying to help the poor and needy people.

    I don't believe in abortions either, but I don't think that is why you wrote the letter. I think you are a black hater.

    I am also white, but I don't put anyone down because of their color. I know he is a president to help us.

    So you should get over it and love one another, not be a hater of blacks. God loves us all, not the color we are.

  • Today's churches are lacking

    A widow has no lawn mower and not enough money to have her grass mowed. Should we force the next-door neighbor to mow her yard? Should we force the neighbor to pay someone to mow her yard?

    We're doing it with taxes; taking someone's financial property and giving to another(s). The colonists through the constitution meant for government to protect the public from enemies - foreign and domestic - and little else. This would be the military, the police and the courts.

  • Love is most powerful

    Most of us think of this world as a nice place to live, but a greater thought is its size and what it does. Every living thing on this earth has its own time and season. The earth produces food for every living thing on the earth during its life cycle.

    Each living thing has the capacity and genes to reproduce its kind from a blade of grass to an elephant.

    The intelligence that built this great ball called earth, and all its components and then put man in charge of everything, is awesome.