• Volunteer to host an exchange student

    I have been involved with foreign exchange students now for several years as a local coordinator with the Council on International Educational Exchange. In that time, I've learned that the world can be made better through cultural exchange through the CIEE mission to help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge and develop skills for living in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world.

  • April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

    Each day an average of four children die as a result of mistreatment. In the same day, thousands more children suffer from abuse or neglect in some manner. Child abuse hurts and affects children on many levels and no child is immune, however it can be prevented.

    April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and during this month and throughout the year The Adanta Group is active in raising awareness about child abuse and neglect and what each of us in our community can do to help keep all children safe.

  • Losing our rights

    Well, we lost another right. We can't pray or preach in public. We can't drive our cars without seat belts being worn, even though they cause death. We can't plant or run our homes the way we want. We can't raise our children the way we as parents see fit. Now we can't smoke.

    They - you know who I mean - want to control everything. I think this is within their laws.

    What happened to "we the people" controlling the government?

    Joe Brown


  • April is Donate Life Month

    April has again been recognized as Donate Life Month nationally and here in Kentucky. I feel that this is a good lime to thank the many Taylor Countians who have supported organ and tissue donation at our driver's license counter by donating $1 in support of our Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks Trust For Life and by placing their name on the new Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

  • Teens overrun playground

    Give the children what is rightly theirs. As a Campbellsville resident all of my life, I cannot imagine my childhood without Miller Park. Growing up here, as a child, there was no greater place to go.

  • Keep our community clean

    I was reading a story in the Courier-Journal about a young man called Chris Judy and was reminded about the litter along the roadsides and streets in Taylor County, some worse than others.

    This young man began picking up trash, bottles, papers, plastic, old tires, rubber and other debris. He did this as part of a beautification project. Because he had been a litterbug, he believes that he will never again throw out an empty bottle or piece of paper.

  • Guthrie stood up for workers

    Business owners and operators in the 2nd Congressional District should thank Rep. Brett Guthrie, a former small businessman himself, for standing up against the most anti-business legislation currently before Congress.

    The Employee Free Choice Act, more accurately referred to as "card check" legislation, would scrap the federal law that guarantees a secret ballot election and protects both small businesses and workers during union organizing drives.

  • The people are watching

    Why am I angry? Just one more tax.

    Apparently all government, including but not limited to Democratic, Republican, federal and local, have become one and the same. They all want more money.

    Here is a quote or, more importantly the philosophy that our top leaders and apparently our local government believe in.

  • May the 'good old boys' reign forever

    In 1999, I ran for Taylor County Judge/Executive. I promised to build at jail at a cost of $4.5 million. I knew it was possible because my childhood friend, Terry Shelton, had just built one in Hart County.

    I was defeated, because I was not a politician. Couldn't and wouldn't play the games.

    I think it worthy to note that the jail probably would have been paid for at this time, had I been elected. That was 10 years ago. Instead, the good old boys won again.

  • Jail is not our problem

    What I would like to get a answer to is where did the money go that the jail is short of?

    Sounds to me that maybe the wrong jailer was voted in. It is his responsibility to keep up with this problem and make sure it does not happen.

    It is a shame that the new courthouse is not even completed yet and the jail is already in trouble.

    We, the people of Campbellsville and Taylor County, should not be the ones to bail out the jail's problem. We pay enough taxes the way it is now.

    Lanny Forbis