• What is happening with our electric bills?

    Something is wrong with the electric bills. I have had the heat and air turned off completely for part of this last month and we have made a special effort to keep lights off, etc. Can you help us find out what is happening?

    Here are my bills for the last three months:

    February - for 45 days my bill was $129.19.

    March - for 31 days my bill was $67.59.

    April - for 31 days, my bill was $175 (that's right, $175).

    How is this possible?

    Doris Rodgers


  • Comparison gives no answers

    I recently spoke with Taylor County RECC concerning my bill as to why it keeps rising. I understand that there was a rate increase, but I have also heard every reason known to man as to why it went up.

    She asked me if I had my Christmas tree on at Christmas, assuming I left it on all the time. I didn't. I had it on maybe two days last season for grandbabies and I didn't leave it plugged in for fear of the house catching on fire. Then she said, "Well, it was colder this past winter."

  • This is National Preservation Month

    Come celebrate National Preservation Month with the City of Campbellsville and the Campbellsville Renaissance and Historic Preservation Commission during the month of May.

    We encourage all downtown merchants to participate in this activity by creating a special display that highlights the history of their business or building both then and now.

  • Rescue plan for Rescue

    In the current City/County budget conflict, there still may be a way for each party to get what it wants if they work together.

    Magistrate Matt Pendleton and I (Councilman Paul Harmon) have what we believe to be a solution that will (1) require no tax increases from either government (2) allow Rescue and E-911 to remain City-run entities, (3) allow the County to balance its budget, and (4) allow the City to retain all assets it has purchased in the past for Rescue and E-911.

  • Need info about Kentucky

    Hello. My name is Makenna. I am a fifth-grade student in Conway, Wash. I am doing my state project on your state of Kentucky. I was hoping to receive some information on your state to help with my report.

    Some of my favorite things about Kentucky that I've learned so far is the Kentucky Derby, the Annual Quilt Show, the state flower the goldenrod, and the Kentucky cardinal.

    If you can help by sending me maps, postcards and souvenirs, I'd be very happy. Thank you for your help.

    Makenna N.

    P.O. Box 731

    Conway, Wash. 98238


  • Make marijuana legal

    Let me beat this drum more loudly than ever before. Events have already taken place that can be utilized to Kentucky's everlasting benefits including reducing poverty and physical suffering, crime, jail populations, taxation of the wage earners, medical and health-care costs and hard drug overdoses.

    The answer is to immediately tax and regulate marijuana and hemp as cash crops.

  • Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

    The week of May 3-9 is Children's Mental Health Awareness week. Being a parent or guardian is one of life's most demanding roles.

    Those who are caring for children or youth with mental health needs face a variety of challenges many people cannot even imagine - not the least of which is understanding their child's disability.

    In honor of this week, The Adanta Group would like to reach out and assist families who have children with or suspect their children have emotional, behavioral, mental health and/or substance abuse to aid in their understanding.

  • Home support to military important

    I want to personally extend my thanks and gratitude to you for publishing the photo and news caption of what my military sons have recently done for me ... and at no cost or charge to us. It is an act of kindness such as this that shows there are grateful and gracious Americans in our land and community. It is evident to me that you must be a person with a patriotic heart and spirit. May you be enriched and blessed a hundredfold for this kind deed.

  • Mom's superstitions

    With Mother's Day approaching, I was just thinking about my mother's superstitions. A lot of people were superstitious a few years back.

  • School Board had tough decision

    The Campbellsville Independent School Board and taxpayers owe Terry Brewer and Frank Kidwell a debt of gratitude for their gratuitous services rendered in helping to select Mike Deaton as the next superintendent of the Independent School District.

    I attended the April 15 reception, which was open to the public, and was impressed with all three finalists. It was readily apparent that Ms. Brewer and Mr. Kidwell had done a fantastic job in helping the Board of Education to narrow the applicants to the three finalists.