• Superintendent's comment

    This is in response to Taylor County School Superintendent Roger Cook's comments in the Thursday, July 28 News-Journal:

    A reader asks about the toys setting out at the Taylor County Elementary School, rusting away. Roger Cook's comment was: "Looks like it."

    If I recall, it was just a couple of years ago that Cook was telling how Taylor County Schools were financially broke, and that a nickel tax needed to be enforced on the taxpayers of Taylor County so that we could build and have the best schools around.

  • What's justice about that?

    I read the code of ethics and this subject pertains to that. We all have read the paper or even a police report that the details are either not all there or they have thrown in something that you think, "Where did that come from?" We depend on others to get our information correctly.

    Those who write reports and take down notes should realize how they can affect other people's lives. Whether it be for insurance purposes or for court, it can make a difference.

  • FOP thanks

    The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #22 would like to thank the following individuals, churches and businesses listed for their support in providing funds for Shop With a Cop, which provided school supplies for 20 children of the Campbellsville and Taylor County school districts:

  • Celebrate Girl Scouts

    This year begins a special two-year celebration of 100 years of Girl Scouts, from 1912 to 2012.

    There will be new programs and activities offered, along with new forms of scouting and troops. Changes are taking place to make Girl Scouts better and more accessible to girls everywhere. As part of the 100-year celebration, we would like to hear from former Girl Scouts. We would love to hear about your scouting experience.

  • Thanks to road workers

    We want to congratulate the road workers for the excellent job that they did on Old Lebanon Road. It looks good and it feels great when driving. The workers were polite and professional in spite of the horrendous heat. Credit where credit is due.

    Russ and Carole Mobley

  • You can't be serious

  • Taylor County Fair thanks

    It was an honor to help with the 2011 Taylor County Fair. The few overworked, unpaid fair board members have so many tasks to do throughout the year. There are months of pre-planning, but the weeks before and during the fair can be overwhelming.

    There is constantly something to do, such as seeking sponsors and donations, mowing, spraying, weed eating, hanging banners, hanging and watering the beautiful flowers, building the stage, stocking the concessions, setting up gates and tedious daily upkeep of the grounds by picking up litter and emptying the garbage cans.

  • Top-notch school superintendents

    From reading about the Taylor County School Board's evaluation of Superintendent Roger Cook in the July 18 issue of your paper and the evaluation of Superintendent Mike Deaton by the Campbellsville Independent School Board's evaluation of him as reported in a recent issue of your paper, it sounds as though Campbellsville and Taylor County are blessed with two good leaders for our local schools, positions that are not easily carried out.

    It was particularly interesting to read board member David Hall's comments about Mr. Cook. Mr. Hall is to be commended.

  • Who's in charge of subdivision regulations?

    Recently I ran into a conflict regarding restrictions on our subdivision. I called every official I could to find out how to get the issue resolved. Ultimately, I was told that if it was in reference to adherence to the restrictions or covenant made when the subdivision was formed, I would probably have to file a lawsuit against that person for there was no one to enforce the rules.

  • Don't ignore the will of the people

    The elections of fall 2010 have long been over, and the new members of Congress have been in their seats since January. Nevertheless, it still appears that there are openly hostile relations between various members of Congress and the two political parties as a whole.

    This comes at the expense of the great citizens of this fine country who want and need to be more involved with the decision making of our nation, above and beyond merely voting for those who will make all of the decisions, which is very little power indeed.