• Letter: Tourism thanks

    The Taylor County Tourist Commission would like to thank all the volunteers who took part in the promotional video for Taylor County that was shot Aug. 13. We are grateful that so many people in our community came together for this project.

    The grand success of this video is due in large part to you and your efforts. The video will be online in October and can be viewed on www.kytourism, www.campbellsvilleky.com and also the Taylor County Tourist Commission's Facebook page.

  • More crises on the horizon?

    Like most folks all around the world lately, I've been keeping tabs on our nation's tussle with our debt limit of $14-plus trillion and the Congress' attempts to raise it further so that our government wouldn't default on our obligations. Well, Congress finally reached a weak compromise of sorts, just hours before the debt limit would expire, raising it a few trillion more. This is the 20th time over the past few decades that this has happened. Instead of getting our fiscal house in order, Congress keeps raising the ante.

  • Congress must act quickly

    For months, farmers across the country have been keeping a watchful eye as the events surrounding the passage of the pending Free Trade Agreements with Korea, Colombia and Panama unfold. Unfortunately, it seems every piece of positive news is met by two steps in the wrong direction.

  • Support Kentucky's children

    In the news lately there has been a rash of child drownings that caused me to remember a prayer I clipped from the Old Louisville Times in 1966. I have files of newspaper clippings and magazines, and quotes from writers of books, something that will cause my children to gasp at when they find them someday. I thought some of your readers might find the prayer as beautiful as I did.

  • Those pesky ants

    I called on a customer just off I-75 the other day. He followed me out to the parking area beside the store. There, I noticed a couple of large anthills.
    "I've tried just about everything I know to get rid of these ants," said my customer. "I even put grits on them." For a second, I thought he had said he put grits on the ants, but you'd have to be a little touched to do something like that, and my customer is without doubt of sound mind.

  • TCHS project graduation thanks

    The Taylor County High School Class of 2011 Project Graduation was a success this year due to the generous donations and support from our community. This event allowed the graduating class to celebrate their accomplishment together in a safe and drug-free environment, with games, food and prizes.

    On behalf of the Taylor County High School PTSO, senior parents and TCHS Class of 2011, we would like to thank the following businesses, churches, organizations and individuals that donated or contributed to the Taylor County High School Project Graduation:

  • First Church of God thanks

    As youth sponsor of the Campbellsville First Church of God, I'd like to express sincere thanks to Kirby Cox and Coca Cola for the banners to advertise the back to school bash that provided an evening of entertainment, food and school supplies for more than 90 children.

    Appreciation is expressed to McDonald's who donated coupons for 20 fruit smoothies that were given as door prizes. Thanks to the Big Dawg 99.9 radio station, the Central Kentucky News-Journal and persons who distributed flyers advertising the event.

  • Our compliments

    In regard to the story "A blast from the Past" published on July 28:

    Our compliments to you for hiring and helping to further train young people like Ellen Hittson. She was an absolute joy during the interview, and her finished article certainly captured the closeness and friendships that have lasted for years.

    Campbellsville and Taylor County provided such a safe, loving base for our lives, and it is certainly rewarding to see opportunities continuing to be given to young people in the forming of their futures. Kudos to you.

  • Superintendent's comment

    This is in response to Taylor County School Superintendent Roger Cook's comments in the Thursday, July 28 News-Journal:

    A reader asks about the toys setting out at the Taylor County Elementary School, rusting away. Roger Cook's comment was: "Looks like it."

    If I recall, it was just a couple of years ago that Cook was telling how Taylor County Schools were financially broke, and that a nickel tax needed to be enforced on the taxpayers of Taylor County so that we could build and have the best schools around.

  • What's justice about that?

    I read the code of ethics and this subject pertains to that. We all have read the paper or even a police report that the details are either not all there or they have thrown in something that you think, "Where did that come from?" We depend on others to get our information correctly.

    Those who write reports and take down notes should realize how they can affect other people's lives. Whether it be for insurance purposes or for court, it can make a difference.