• Cal's Cats score, but not in classroom

    The University of Kentucky's 4-year, $32 million dollar man hired to rejuvenate the men's basketball program has succeeded in satisfying the Big Blue Nation's desire to be the best in the nation - or at least as close as West Virginia let them get to the top.

    No one can argue that Coach Cal hasn't restored the shine and luster to what the Cats do on the court.

    But someone, preferably Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart, should at least raise an eyebrow at how Cal's Cats are performing in the hallowed halls of academics at UK.

  • Just keep swimming

    I have heard several authors speak in the past few months, and they have generally said writers should write what they know. So here's what I know.

    Keep in mind that what I know is going to be simply a rambling of my thoughts at the moment ... Tuesday just before lunchtime.

  • Thoughts on the election

    The primary election is history, and what an election it was.

    As usual, my predictions were mostly all wrong, proving that if I had ever placed wagers on such things, I'd surely be living on a friend's sofa by now.

    I tend not to get too excited about elections. I do enjoy covering them as a reporter, but I seldom get too wrapped up in the results.

  • A little advice for legislators

    I must tip my hat to our State Rep. John "Bam" Carney. When he ran for office, Carney vowed that he would not accept his pay in the event of a special session.

    A noble gesture to be sure, but it also could have been one of those bold promises many candidates make and so soon forget.

    But now, with a special session looming, Carney has said he'll split his salary among the senior citizens centers in Taylor and Adair counties. Not only is Carney following through with his promise, he seems to be one-upping himself.

  • From murder to the Depression

    Murder, symbolism and mysteries were the topics at the April 18 meeting of the CKNJ Bookmarks reading group.

    Several of us - including four new visitors - discussed the group's most recent book choice, "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown.

    For Dan Brown fans, "The Lost Symbol" has more of all the suspense, mystery and puzzles that he has become known for. There are also several unexpected twists and turns.

    Next up on the Bookmarks' reading list is "Rainwater" by Sandra Brown.

  • For all the 'Golden' girls

    "A woman is like a tea bag - you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."

    -Eleanor Roosevelt

    I've been faithfully watching "The Golden Girls" reruns on the Hallmark and WE tv channels lately. I absolutely love the show.

    With Rose's naïve innocence, Blanche's undying affection for the opposite sex, Dorothy's quick wit and Sophia's Sicily stories and hilarious one-liners, there's always some dialogue to make me laugh and appreciate the close friends in my life.

  • Score one for decency?

    I've got a real problem with anonymity. There are occasions when someone should remain anonymous, but Internet message boards isn't one of them.

    I know, I know. The News-Journal allows anonymous comments on its Web site. For the record, I don't like that either.

    Something about going online under the cover of darkness brings out the worst in people. Or perhaps anonymity allows people to reveal their true nature.

  • Everyone's 'opinion' is the right one


    1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

    2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

    In light of the word's official definition, it's astounding how many people are insisting that Teen Writer Emily Comb's opinion piece published on last week's News-Journal Insight page is wrong.

    I didn't know that opinions could be wrong.

  • MTV ... not just music anymore

    I grew up a part of the MTV generation, watching music videos of celebrities we all wanted to be like.

    But over the past 20 years, the "Music Television" channel changed drastically. No more does the channel feature what it was originally created for - to show music videos. A recent redesign of the channel's trademark MTV logo took away the words "Music Television," which saddened me and countless others.

  • Wishing the new was old

    It's a phrase I use often. "I wish we had things like this when I was younger."

    I said or thought those words recently while looking at the technology at students' fingertips at Campbellsville Independent and Taylor County schools.

    And I was definitely thinking it when I began to delve into the new credit card rules a few weeks ago while preparing for a story.