• God created all

    Some scientists agree that inaccurate information repeated often enough will convince you it is true. They also agree that some of the information given about global warming is misleading.

    I believe that a good example of this repeated inaccurate information is "Global warming is caused by man-made carbon dioxide." This repeated statement ignores any facts that disprove it, even from the EPA.

  • A lesson learned

    What was I doing at 8 years old? As I recall, I was likely blowing up G.I. Joes with firecrackers and bottle rockets. Please don't tell my mom.

    There were also trees to climb, grapevines to swing on and many, many bike rides - usually a little too far beyond the point where my mom told me I could go.

    And those were typical summers during the long-gone days of my youth.

    Not once did my self-centered brain stop and think about how I might help someone.

    But right here in Campbellsville, we have an 8-year-old who's doing just that.

  • It's only the beginning

    They went to daycare together. They played in the dirt together at Pee Wee baseball games. They started kindergarten together, then on to middle school and, finally, high school.

    And now they've graduated together.

    As I watched the seniors on class night, at baccalaureate and again for graduation, I thought of how far this group of kids has traveled ... and how far yet there is to go. My oldest child is one of them.

  • New Scrabble words have gone too far

    It's very possible that I have dropped my last little wooden tile.

    Yes, I'm an avid Scrabble player, and it's a game my family and I enjoy playing together, but some recent changes are just too much.

  • The garage sale: an old-fashioned social network?

    I was so deep in thought - reading a book about evil and the justice of God, that when my cell phone rang, I flinched. It was my wife, Lori: "I thought this weekend would be a great time for a garage sale," she informed me.

    It wasn't the news I wanted to hear.

    "Why?" I pleaded, glancing at the book about evil and the justice of God, trying to resist the temptation of associating the first word of the book with garage sales.

  • A decade of memories

    When Campbellsville High School graduates the Class of 2011 tomorrow, I will be there, camera in tow.

    It will be one of many graduation ceremonies I have covered over the past eight years I have worked for the News-Journal, but this one will be a bit special.

    Tomorrow will mark 10 years since I walked across Hamilton Auditorium in my purple cap and gown and received a diploma from Barkley Taylor.

    Where did the past 10 years go?

  • Political deluge subsides

    Anyone else consider unplugging their home phones? For such a shallow pool of primary candidates, there certainly have been a lot of pre-recorded messages on my answering machine these past few weeks. On Monday, we erased eight messages. I haven't even bothered to count all of the postcards I have received in the mail.

    Thankfully, the deluge is over for a while.

  • We want you to 'Like' us

    Everyone wants to be liked, and the News-Journal is no exception.

    We want readers to like us - not just our print edition, but our website and our new Facebook page as well.

    Actually, it's not "our" anything, it's yours. We are Taylor County's community newspaper. That's why we want readers to participate ... to feel like they have some input into what we publish.

  • We need to rescue Rescue

    It was a grizzly scene. The carnage almost didn't look real, from the twisted metal and the broken glass to the mixture of red and blue emergency lights.

    The man was trapped inside for nearly two hours ... two hours of sitting in the middle of that carnage without being able to move. I can't imagine.

    I wasn't one of the first on the scene of the crash, but I was one of few members of the public who saw it firsthand.

    From my last report, the man, Ronnie Steven Pittman, was in stable condition at University of Louisville Hospital.

  • Trump for president?

    Donald Trump for president? It could be worse.

    I went home for Easter last weekend and the stormy weather kept me indoors for most of it. History wasn't showing anything to my liking so I switched to my backup - the news stations.

    Seems there were only two stories this weekend. Trump's possible bid for the presidency and some English kids' marriage plans. Occasionally, the Trump/royal wedding coverage was interrupted by real news - severe weather updates.