• One missing child still too many

    I know how easy it is for a child to be abducted. That’s because when I was a child, I invited a stranger into my home.
    It was 1963, I was in second grade, and Mom was at a PTA meeting. I had been allowed to come home and stay by myself rather than wait at school until the meeting was over.
    That’s when the stranger rang the doorbell.

  • Bible-reading event is a blessing

    We live in a nation with religious freedoms, but we don’t often think about or appreciate them. I know I’ve been guilty of taking my freedoms for granted.
    My family and I get up and go to church, and we rarely, if ever, think of people in other countries who are not allowed to worship as they wish.
    When my family and I moved to Washington County seven years ago from the Washington, D.C. area, we experienced an event that has changed how we view our religion, and I feel like we have learned to appreciate our freedoms more than we ever did before.

  • The space between their world and mine

    Recognizing that the space between her world and the one she is slowly but surely entering is drawing closer, Pat Summitt, who has won more basketball games than anyone in NCAA history, stepped down as coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols last week. Summitt was diagnosed with early onset dementia last year, at the age of 58.
    Early onset dementia attacks people younger than 65. Many are in their 40s and 50s, and some even in their 30s.

  • Camaign enters the dog days


  • Graduations bring big decisions


    Another school year has come and all but gone.

    This time of year is busy, with class nights, graduation ceremonies and project graduation parties to squeeze in those last few minutes of teenage freedom.

    Remember those final days of senior year? Mine were full of excitement, but apprehension about what college would be like.

  • Why bad boys are bad

    Last week was a bad week for bad boys.
    First, 51-year-old Bobby Petrino, at the height of his career, got himself fired as the University of Arkansas football coach for allegedly trying to deceive the university’s athletics director about the coach’s relationship with the 25-year-old football employee and former volleyball player, Jessica Dorrell.
    Then 11 Secret Service agents were placed on administrative leave for allegedly being involved with prostitutes in Cartagena, Columbia, while preparing for President Obama’s visit.

  • Getting behind the scenes

    One of the perks of this job is that, as reporters, we often get special, behind-the-scenes access to various events throughout the community. Well, that and the occasional free lunch.
    Last week, we were present for two mock disasters, one a crash on North Central Avenue and the other a shooting/hostage situation at Taylor County Middle School.
    I was a bit bummed out that I was unable to cover the mock crash because of a meeting, but I still got to see our emergency service professionals in action later on in the week.

  • The challenges of EMS


  • April is National County Government Month


    Eddie Rogers

    Taylor County Judge/Executive

    We know that county government services and programs play a central role in our communities and the lives of millions of Americans.

    The county provides services that protect our homes, schools and neighborhoods, maintains safe roads, bridges and airports and operates our jails. The county maintains our parks and recreations programs.

  • Saving Made Simple: homemade detergent


    A few years ago, I read about making laundry detergent on a blog and decided to try it. My mother, who is also working on simplifying and saving, decided to try it  before I did.

    She liked the results and the savings so she shared the recipe with me and a jar of it to try. I really liked it, especially since it didn't have a perfume scent.

    I like my clothes to smell clean but, not like a wildflower meadow.