• Approaching a New Year with prayer

    With the dawn of a new year come an array of emotions, hopes, fears and much anticipation. We commonly hear a flurry of comments about New Year's resolutions. We read the various resolutions set by certain individuals for the New Year, we hear radio and newscasts telling us about New Year's resolutions and for about 10 days to two weeks around Jan. 1 we are constantly coming in contact with resolutions of all types for the New Year.

  • How to deal with debt collectors


    Linda Ireland

    Landmark News Service

    A debt collector yelled at me this morning. I tried to yell back - but I think she hung up the phone before I got to that point.

    And I think it was a debt collector. She had all the required traits - attitude, persistence, hide like a water buffalo.

    The funny thing is - it wasn't my debt.

  • No 'gypsies' in our community


    Campbellsville has been in the national spotlight for the past few weeks.

    I thought the publicity had all died down by now, and it seemed to, but I got another e-mail alert last week.

    This story's headline reads "'Amazon Gypsies' Converge on Kentucky Trailer Park in Search of Work."

    I'm sure you have heard about all of this by now.

    Jeff and Welby Simpson built a new campground this year, right across from Amazon.com.

  • Mcconnell talks priorities during the lame duck session

    The message of this year's midterm election was clear: Voters want those of us in government, Republican and Democrat, to focus on restoring jobs and reviving the economy. It's that simple.

    So I was pleased to meet with President Obama in the White House this past week, along with the other leaders of both parties from the House of Representatives and Senate, to talk about what Washington must do to address these vital tasks and get America moving forward again.

  • Nothing casual about 'casualties'


    The envelope arrived a few weeks early. I suppose I'd been expecting something like that, but I'd not really come to terms with it quite yet.

    The simple envelope was addressed to my eldest son, who was coming up on his 18th birthday. It was from the Selective Service.

    It's now official. If at any time government officials decide a draft is mandatory, they can call on my son ... and all of his friends.

  • To boldly go where no pizza cutter has gone before


    I can spend hours walking around the house feeling for drafts.

    It's that time of year again - winter. While the winter season is second only to fall as my favorite, it also brings out the old miser in me.

    There are few rules at my house, but one is "Don't touch the thermostat." What separates us from the animals is our ability to put on extra socks and make hot chocolate.

  • Countdown to Christmas


    Judging by the crowds on Black Friday, the Christmas season is now in full swing. And there are plenty of events right here in Taylor County to help put you in the Christmas mood.

    I got to Walmart at about 11:15 p.m. Thanksgiving night. This wasn't my first Black Friday, so I knew what to expect.

    People waiting in line with lawn chairs in tow (check). No parking spaces (check).

  • New website offers so much more

    Months in the works, the News-Journal's new website is up and running and we're excited about all that it offers for readers.

    Of course, we're still learning all the "ins and outs" of the new web process, but we believe you'll notice the improvement.

    The new site has so much more than our previous website, and it's easier to navigate as well.

  • Skipping Thanksgiving

    Have you noticed how easily we pass from Halloween to Christmas, from October to December, from "Trick or Treat" to "Here Comes Santa Claus"?

    And Thanksgiving gets bypassed once again. Only now it happens with greater celerity and casualness. We're beyond feeling any guilt about it.

  • Changes are happening


    We're making changes at the News-Journal, changes that we believe readers will enjoy.

    In addition to our new website, which we hope you've had a chance to examine, we're also making a change to the lineup of our Editorial Board.

    Traditionally, members of the Editorial Board have included the publisher, editor, sports editor, both staff writers and two rotating, non-editorial staff members at the CKNJ.