• Public records can turn up amazing things

    In Kentucky, it's presumed that government documents are open unless there's a good reason to keep them secret.

    Until July 1, people in South Dakota had to prove documents were open as they sought information. A new law shifts the burden to government to show why it has the right to withhold information.

    Officials think it will have a "long-term positive impact on government," according to a news account. It's a long overdue development.

  • Just for the record

    From time to time, I visit the Topix message board to read what posters are writing about what's going on in Taylor County.

    Most (if not all, really) of what is posted is pure garbage, written only to hurt and embarrass people. The other part is completely incorrect information that further confuses people as to what is really going on in our community.

    Lately, however, I have seen so much misinformation posted that it seemed only proper that I set a few issues correct.

  • Home is where the kittens are

    I just couldn't resist those big blue eyes. Her small, frail, shaking body that yearned for human touch. The rough and tiny "meow" that sounded (at least to me) like she was really saying, "Calen, come rescue me."

    Yes, I have adopted another cat. And, by the time you read this, she's been with us (my other cats, Jacob and Julie, and I that is) for six days now. I hope it's still going well.

  • Sounds in the night

    "Carol, there is someone outside your bathroom window."


    "I heard a woman's voice outside your bathroom window," my good friend Connie said as she whispered down the hallway to the den.

    "What did you hear?"

    "Kind of a cry-like voice."

    She was visiting from Louisville and, being from the big city, she has the mindset that if a noise is heard outside a window, it is not a good thing. I, on the other hand, find plausible excuses.

    "Are you sure you didn't hear the wind?"

  • Let Jackson rest in peace

    I took great offense to a guest editorial by Daniel B. Kline published on Monday's Central Kentucky News-Journal Opinion Page. But that's the problem with opinions. Everybody's got the right to share theirs, whether we like what they say or not.

    Kline was angry with the attention the death of Michael Jackson has gotten. He was even more angry that news coverage seemed to focus on his accomplishments rather than the controversy that has marred his career during the last few decades.

  • Slideshows bring you more

    If you haven't seen the slideshow of photographs from the July Fourth Celebration in Campbellsville, then stop reading here. Go to www.cknj.com and do so now.

    I'll wait.

    I lost count sometime after loading 100 photos into the slideshow. There are pictures of those who participated and those who attended events during the weekend.

    We all know the shape our economy has been in lately. And that means advertisers have reduced their spending, which in turn reduces the amount of space we are allotted in the newspaper.

  • A hamster and some dead birds

    One of parenting's biggest challenges is when to protect your kids from life and when to let them learn the truth about it.

    This is a regular challenge for most parents. When I was dating, it was unclear how much I should disclose to the boys or when I should introduce them to a woman I was seeing. When their mother abandoned them and literally disappeared, did I tell them the truth about her (mental) instability or gloss over it?

  • If only dogs could talk

    I watched her stop at the edge of the yard beneath the tree. The rabbit, perched at the edge of the woods nibbling clover, wasn't aware of Maggie's presence ... yet.

    But it wasn't long before the rabbit realized something new was near, and it hopped quickly back into the woods.

    With the different sizes of rabbits making their appearance in the past couple of weeks, it didn't take long for us to realize there must be a family of rabbits making their home in our woods. It also didn't take our border collie, Maggie, long to realize it either.

  • Maybe we should remember the actual man in the mirror

    Exactly how many hit singles does a singer need for people to forget that he was likely a child molester? If you only have a couple is it okay to rob a store or maybe to beat your wife? Perhaps Huey Lewis gets a free pass on a speeding ticket but Paul McCartney could murder a hobo with nobody thinking negatively about him.

  • Nutritious school lunches equals healthier children

    Given all I know about food and the food system as an adult, it seems slightly funny that as a child, with parents who diligently packed me a brown bag lunch every day, I was jealous of the kids who ate school lunch. I wanted the pizza, the sloppy joes and the tater tots ... and not my crummy turkey sandwich on whole grain bread.

    I suppose that's because I, along with many Americans, had yet to learn the real impact of unhealthy food on children.