• General Assembly wraps up with budget talks


    Jimmy Higdon

    State Senator

    By the time you read this, the 2012 General Assembly will be one day away from concluding. We have completed 59 days of the 60 day session, the last day, April 12, is reserved for considering Gov. Steve Beshear's vetoes, if any.

  • That's what I saw

    The yellow street sign warned: “Stop ahead,” so I tapped my brakes, bringing my car to a complete stop at the intersection. I glanced to my left before releasing the breaks and stepping on the accelerator.

    Then it hit me.
    No, it wasn’t another vehicle. It was a series of scenes from the past, swirling around my car, streaming by me one by one and all at once, hurling me back in a time warp before swooshing past my car like a comet, leaving me craning my neck to grasp another glimpse as I idled by.

  • The car of my dreams


    If you were a young boy in the late 1970s in my neighborhood, you collected baseball cards and played with Hot Wheels cars. We were 8 years old in 1979, and that’s what my friends and I did.
    The baseball cards spilled over to our neighborhood games of baseball, or in many cases an altered version played with a tennis ball to avoid breaking neighborhood windows. We pretended to be the players we saw on our cards, the ones we thought we had to have.

  • 'Goodnight, iPad?'


    When I was a child, my parents and grandparents read me bedtime stories.

    My favorite was “Goodnight Moon,” the story where the reader says goodnight to bears, chairs, kittens, mitten, socks, a house, a mouse, the stars, air and noises everywhere.

    I loved the book. My copy was extremely tattered and torn from repeated use. I believe the book was the start of my love of reading.

    A few years ago, I bought a brand new copy and it’s on display in my home office.

  • Fast road to broke

    One year ago when I assumed the office of mayor, I was faced with a mounting deficit for Campbellsville/Taylor County Rescue. I could foresee a budget shortfall was unavoidable.

  • Are you 'all there' when you are there?

    “One thing about him, when he was there, he was all there.”  
    I was listening to Dr. Gibson Winter, then Professor for Christianity and Society at Princeton Theological Seminary. Dr. Winter had this wonderful way of sharing an aside, an “oh by the way story, which would invariably have a meaning all to itself, staying in my mind long after the words of the lecture had been snuffed out by the stuffy air of Stuart Hall.

  • Judge offers updates on county projects

    As Taylor County Judge/Executive, I would like to remind the citizens my door is always open to the public.
    Items of interest:

  • Someone's gotta lose

    Senate Bill 151, which would have permitted seven casinos to open in Kentucky, died in the Senate by a 21-16 vote.
    Naturally, as is the way in politics these days, those in support of the bill immediately blamed Senate President David Williams. Williams moved ahead with a vote even though a key supporter, Gerald Neal, was out of town the day the votes were cast.

  • 'The Blind Side' comes alive


    She was funny, smart and had a take-charge attitude, just like in the movie.

    And, just like in the movie, I took away a life lesson that we should help those who are in need.

    Those who have seen the movie “The Blind Side” are familiar with Leigh Ann Tuohy, the woman Sandra Bullock portrays.

    Tuohy and her family adopted a boy who didn’t have anything ... no family, money, clothing or any clue about what he was doing with his life. That’s truly being a part of something bigger than yourself.

  • Writer looks for faster response times for cardiac arrest victims

    If someone you know has a sudden cardiac arrest and you’re relying entirely on the local EMS to save them, what do you think their chances of survival are? Fifty percent, 75 percent or 90 percent?