• June a hot, busy month


    Eddie Rogers

    Taylor County Judge/Executive

    This past June has been an unseasonably hot and dry month. Due to the extremely dry conditions, we have to be very careful during this time.  I have talked with the Division of Forestry and, if needed, we would announce a burn ban.

    I always go along with the recommendations from the governor’s office on issues such as this.

  • Pick it up and read it!

    No, I don’t mean the Bible, although I read it every day.

    But for now, I’m referring to the newspaper.

    “Ahh, the newspaper,” you say. “You mean that old dinosaur of the printed era that’s somehow managed to stay alive, despite its shrinking advertising revenue and a dwindling subscriber base?”

    Despite rumors of its demise, the newspaper is surviving, and in some instances, thriving.

  • Auctioning memories


    “I’ve got $1, will anybody give me $2?”

    For the most part, no one would.

    It was painful to watch the man who didn’t know my family selling my family’s possessions to the highest bidder.

    My family auctioned my grandfather’s home and his possessions earlier this month. We had to.

  • One way to save a life

    He was always getting up a game of some kind, usually sandlot football.

    Mark had a knack for gathering my friends and me, most of us 10 years his younger, for a game of football in the fall or baseball in the spring. And he was my own personal trainer, throwing me thousands of football passes or hitting me countless groundballs, trying to make me better.

    But there was more to it than the game — something much larger than that. The sport was only an avenue enabling Mark to do something far more important than catching or throwing a ball.

  • City's foresight for the future

    Coming into office, I had no plans to create any new debt for the city.

    Purchasing land for a new park was definitely not my intention. At first, I did not even want to discuss the issue. I simply did not feel the purchase would be a wise decision.

    However, an opportunity arose that I felt could better our community for many years to come, and as new information emerged, my interest in the purchase grew.

  • June is already a busy month in Taylor County


    We just had one of our most active weekends in June here in Taylor County. This included Kids Outdoor Day with well more than 1,600 children to participate. We also had the 400-mile yard sale come through our county.

    The Taylor County Fair started on June 2 with the horse show. It was one of the biggest horse shows that the fair has had in quite a while. The fair will still be going on June 7, 8 and 9.  We all should support our community and go out to the Taylor County Fair.

  • Memorial Day a time to reflect, appreciate

    In his address following the battle at Gettysburg, Kentucky native and President Abraham Lincoln stated that we as Americans need “to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.”

  • A day with the National Guard


  • One missing child still too many

    I know how easy it is for a child to be abducted. That’s because when I was a child, I invited a stranger into my home.
    It was 1963, I was in second grade, and Mom was at a PTA meeting. I had been allowed to come home and stay by myself rather than wait at school until the meeting was over.
    That’s when the stranger rang the doorbell.

  • Bible-reading event is a blessing

    We live in a nation with religious freedoms, but we don’t often think about or appreciate them. I know I’ve been guilty of taking my freedoms for granted.
    My family and I get up and go to church, and we rarely, if ever, think of people in other countries who are not allowed to worship as they wish.
    When my family and I moved to Washington County seven years ago from the Washington, D.C. area, we experienced an event that has changed how we view our religion, and I feel like we have learned to appreciate our freedoms more than we ever did before.