• Giving thanks


    Children really do say the darndest things, don't they?

    Second-graders at Campbellsville and Taylor County elementary schools had some pretty good answers when I asked them what they are thankful for. Read their answers on today's front page.

    After meeting with the students on Friday, I began to think about what I am thankful for this year.

    First, I am thankful for the 20 children I interviewed last week. They are the future of Taylor County. Judging by the answers I got to my questions, the future is bright in our county.

  • Goodbye, Room


    "I went back upstairs one more time and said 'goodbye' to my room. I'm ready to go now."

    Dave's words were my signal: Cutting my eyes toward him as he walked to his car, I turned on the headlights in the early morning dawn, put the U-Haul in gear and we all - Dave, Lori, Madi, and I - headed south, caravan style.

  • Grace-Givers Anonymous

    I'm thinking about starting a nonprofit organization for all the people who perform acts of kindness and don't want to be thanked for doing them. Maybe I'll name it "Grace-Givers Anonymous."

  • Commercials show disrespect for soldiers

    I don't normally pay a lot of attention to commercials on TV. When they come on, I usually leave the room to do something like make a trip to the fridge. But one collection of commercials airing on national TV recently caught my attention, and I have to say I don't like them.

    Navy Federal Credit Union has been advertising its business, which offers financial services such as home and auto loans, checking and savings accounts and more, to members of the military.

  • Progress in Campbellsville

    Progress continues toward the re-installation of the lights on the KY 210 Bypass. All the conduit and concrete bases are in and some lights have been put up and turned on. A big thanks goes to the Campbellsville Street Department, Campbellsville Water and Sewer Co. and the Taylor County Rural Electric Cooperative Company crews, who have teamed together to get this job completed.

  • The hand that rocks the cradle

    While drinking coffee with some friends I was asked the question, “How come you write more about women than men?” The conversation escalated to the question, “Who is the smartest of the two sexes, men or women?” My answer was “watch the paper for an explanation.”

    It was a woman that taught me to read. From women I learned the things of the heart; love, gentleness, friendship, patience and the value of hard work, dependability and steadiness.

  • An election to remember

  • Time to vote; office closings announced

    First of all, I would like to encourage each and every one of you to take the time and go vote.

    Currently, county roads are getting the improvements they have needed for a long time. Each magistrate and I have driven along our county roads with the county road department to see what roads need upgrades the most during this fiscal year.

    Pikes Ridge will be getting some repairs that it has needed. I feel that it has been a long time coming and we will be seeing the rewards during our next year of camping season. This will be a huge boost to our tourism.

  • The miracle of a new life

    When she handed me her baby, my first grandbaby, I could have sworn — even though he had been born less than ten minutes ago — that he raised his left eyebrow, winked at me, smiled and was about to whisper, “Aren’t you glad I finally arrived!”

    Instead, he opened his mouth real wide and cried. And once again reality nudged me in the side.

  • Saying goodbye


    I was there.

    I was there when we made homemade ice cream together and sat in his swing. We swung for hours.

    I was there when he taught me just how hard farming is and how we should all appreciate it.

    He was there for my dance recitals, band performances, high school and college graduations, birthday celebrations, family trips and many more special occasions.

    I was there when he planted and picked his prize tomatoes. I will never do it as well as he did.