• Why do we publish stories, photos?

    Someone asked me recently why we publish details and photos from fatal crashes, fires and other tragedies.

    That's certainly a fair question. It's also one that I'm sure has been debated in newsrooms around the world. For that reason, I believe such a question deserves what I hope is a thoughtful and considerate answer.

  • Still serving readers, nearly a century later

    Today's newspaper features a full-color keepsake issue celebrating a decade of news in Taylor County. We plan to have nine more such issues, celebrating nine more decades of local news between now and August 2010.

    That's when the Central Kentucky News-Journal will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

    Over the past century, we have published thousands upon thousands of stories about news and events and people in Campbellsville and Taylor County. And, as with everything else over the years, the newspaper has changed.

  • Shopping with Susan

    I consider myself a pretty good shopper. I check for bargains, compare prices and try not to spend money I don't have on items I don't need or won't use.

    But compared to Campbellsville resident Susan Wise - and likely all of the other "couponers" in Taylor County - I don't know the first thing about finding a good bargain.

    I went shopping with Wise last Thursday. She agreed to let me tag along with her as she shopped for her family of four.

  • What do YOU read, Taylor County?

    It's official. More people in our community read the Central Kentucky News-Journal than any other publication. And the newest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations prove it.

    With 6,675 subscribers, the News-Journal reaches 57.8 percent of Taylor County's households. That percentage is called our penetration rate.

  • Obama Administration needs to confront Canada on burley tobacco ban

    The Canadian government has enacted a law that could endanger the entire burley tobacco industry. U.S. tobacco growers need President Obama and the Office of the United States Trade Representative to ensure that the Canadians honor their trade obligations and that other countries do not follow Canada's lead in banning American blend cigarettes.

  • National Mall - Story of Veterans, Story of Freedom

    The National Mall in Washington, D.C. receives 24 million visitors from all over the world who come to view the monuments that represent America's history.

    If you visit the mall, you will see the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the most recently completed World War II Memorial.

    The ideals and freedoms that our service men and women fought for are expressed in each monument.

  • 'Dracula' was a bloody good time

    It was a bloody good time. I went to see "Dracula" performed at Actors Theatre in Louisville two weekends ago. The play was full of everything I expected - blood, scary looking vampires, fog, plenty of suspense and a live rat.

    OK, I didn't expect the rat ... especially when it opened its box on its own and attempted to crawl out into the audience. I have to say, the actor playing the character in charge of the rat handled the situation well by nonchalantly going over to the box and firmly closing its lid.

  • The role of immunization

    Immunization is the single most important method in the eradication of a disease, providing the majority of susceptible individuals get vaccinated, a concept called "herd immunity."

  • Give the Bookmarks a try

    If you haven't joined the CKNJ Bookmarks reading group yet, you're missing something.

    Our most recent meeting was Sunday at the Extension Office. We discussed the group's most recent book choice, "Riding Lessons," by Sara Gruen. Gruen was also the author of "Water for Elephants," an earlier choice of the group.

    What was so neat at Sunday's discussion was the different opinions.

  • Managing diabetes: It's not easy, but it's worth it

    If you have diabetes, you know the day-to-day steps needed to manage diabetes can be hard. Diabetes can lead to serious health problems, such as blindness, loss of limb, kidney failure, heart disease and early death.

    Managing diabetes can be easier if you set goals and make a plan.