• Political ads make everyone look awful

    Judging by the many, many political ads running in recent weeks, most candidates are not only unfit for office, they're likely criminals. Not only should they not be elected, but we should probably consider deporting them or at least putting them on trial for treason.

    A few months ago, as the election season started, most commercials focused on the positive traits of the various candidates. "I'm John Smith and as a business leader, I created jobs, made tough choices and practiced sound fiscal management. As your next governor, I'll do the same."

  • Remember the father's words

    I don't have children, but I imagine it's something no parent can recover from.

    Last month, I heard John Halligan talk about how his son committed suicide after being bullied for years.

    Halligan presented "Bullying, Cyberbullying and Youth Depression" at Taylor County and Campbellsville high schools for students. He also spoke to parents and the public at TCHS.

    Halligan's son Ryan died by suicide on Oct. 7, 2003. He was just 13 years old.

  • No Holly Homemaker here

    Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I'm no Holly Homemaker, nor am I ever likely to be.

    When it comes to cooking, I have several dishes that I can make really well and a few others that are fairly well received. But the rest of the time, it's either my husband cooking or just opening the frig and throwing something together that will provide sustenance.

  • What could happen next?

    Several years ago, lots of folks were pressuring me into buying a house. At the time, I was a die-hard renter and saw no reason to change my ways.

    But, over time, these well-intentioned people chipped away at my reserve, and about five years ago I took the plunge.

    I can't remember who exactly spoke the magic words that made me decide to become a homeowner. And as I sit here today, that's probably a good thing for them.

    Let me tell you about my weekend.

  • Love in unexpected places

    "No way!" I told my dad. "We absolutely do NOT need another dog." Along with my husband and myself, we have three kids, three cats and two dogs. We needed another dog like we needed another hole in our heads.

    Besides that, our dogs are fairly large - a border collie and a yellow Lab, and I've always told my husband and kids that if we ever got another dog, it would have to be a little fluffy "foo-foo" kind of dog that loves to cuddle.

  • Hold candidates to high standards

    It's almost time. My anticipation is starting to sink in.

    It won't be long until we see those bright lawn signs creeping up again, telling us who to vote for.

    We won't make our picks in the general election for about two and a half more months. But we need to remember that the majority of our picks on Election Day will last for the next four years ... and we need to pick the right candidates for Taylor County.

    I didn't pay much attention to anything political until I started working at the News-Journal.

  • It only takes one bad apple

    Jack Conway's war on Topix isn't over just yet. On Feb. 11, Conway and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal sent a joint letter to Topix CEO Chris Tolles asking Topix.com to provide information regarding its policies dealing with abusive posts that violate the site's terms of service.

  • Animation rules summer box office

    "It's why we sit in the movies

    All the way to the closing scenes

    From the beginning

    We're all looking for a happy ending."


    It's hot ... I mean really hot.

    I was thinking the other day, only four short months until I might see some snow.

    I don't know about you, but I really hate hot weather. I don't know how I survived those summers of band camp.

    So how is a person supposed to stay cool during the summer months? Why go to an air-conditioned movie theater, of course.

  • Checking out can lead to crossing over

    Unresolved anger, planted in the soul, eventually gives rise to resentment, which when unchecked, produces the fruit of retaliation.

    By now you've heard the story: Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater had a bad day, maybe a string of bad days, 28 long years of being polite to rude passengers. Finally he had enough.

  • Family Matters: "Letting them fly"

    "I'm doing better this time," my wife Lori said as I answered the phone, "I'm not crying ... at least not much."

    She was leaving our youngest daughter's apartment. No, they hadn't had a mother daughter spat; nothing negative had prompted Lori's emotions. She was saying "bye" to Madison ... for the second time. We had moved her to Lexington, Ky., where she will soon start school.