This is a copy of a letter being sent to first-time homeowners soliciting them a copy of their deed and property profile for a fee of about $83. Taylor County PVA Chad Shively says he believes the letter is a scam, as that information is available for free from his office and only for the cost of copies at Taylor County Clerk Mark Carney's office.
PVA warns homeowners of deed scam


Opening the letter, the recipient sees "Recorded Deed Notice" in bold letters.

They also read specific information about their property, such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in the house, when it was built, how much it cost, the specific parcel number and more.

On the surface, Taylor County PVA Chad Shively said, the document looks real. But he says it's really just a scam.

"So someone who looks at that could be like, 'This could be legit.'"