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  • Water Co. project begins

    While customers won't notice a change, work will begin soon on a project to make purification of Campbellsville's water supply safer.
    By February, a new system is expected to be in place at the Campbellsville Water Co. that will use liquid chlorine in the purification process rather than the chlorine gas used now. Chlorine is used as a disinfectant to curb bacteria growth.
    "The City has for several years looked at a safer disinfection method," said David Bowles of Monarch Engineering, the Lawrenceburg-based company that engineered the project.

  • Sodomy trial postponed


    The man expected to go on trial Wednesday facing sodomy charges won't appear before a jury just yet.

    The trial for William Overstreet, 55, of 100 Sycamore Loop in Campbellsville was set to begin before a special circuit court judge on Wednesday. However, the trial has been postponed.

    Overstreet will now appear before a judge on Tuesday, Dec. 7 for a pretrial conference.

    Overstreet was indicted by a Taylor County grand jury in March on charges of first-degree sodomy and intimidation of a witness.

  • Families the focus of man's holiday project


  • Wiser-Garrett engagement


    Carolyn Wiser and Arthur Garrett announce their forthcoming marriage on Saturday, Nov. 20.
    Wiser is the daughter of Connie Atwood of Mannsville and John Wiser of Bradfordsville.
    Garrett is the son of Mary Garrett and the late Mac Arthur Garrett.
    The ceremony is at 7 p.m. at Beulahland Baptist Church on Smith Ridge Road in Campbellsville.
    Invitations were sent and all family members are invited.

  • Porter anniversary


  • Humphress anniversary


  • Early Days


  • Changes are happening


    We're making changes at the News-Journal, changes that we believe readers will enjoy.

    In addition to our new website, which we hope you've had a chance to examine, we're also making a change to the lineup of our Editorial Board.

    Traditionally, members of the Editorial Board have included the publisher, editor, sports editor, both staff writers and two rotating, non-editorial staff members at the CKNJ.

  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience ... sort of


    March 1993. I was a junior in high school at the time I saw the movie "Fire In The Sky," which dramatized the alleged alien abduction of Arizona logger Travis Walton.

    At the time, my obsession with UFOs and alien abduction stories was just beginning to blossom. I'd heard bits and pieces of Walton's story before and was intrigued. Also, James Garner was in the film and even as a naive high school kid I already knew the "The Rockford Files" was the greatest show to ever grace TV screens.

  • Annual Great American Smokeout is Nov. 18

    The American Cancer Society has scheduled the Great American Smokeout for Thursday, Nov. 18 to encourage smokers to quit for a day in the hope they may quit for good.
    Taylor County residents are encouraged to stop smoking for this one day. Within 24 hours of smoking that last cigarette, a person's chance of heart attack decreases.
    Pharmacotherapies, behavioral therapies and counseling - including telephone counseling - can help patients quit and increase their chances of not relapsing.