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  • Groups help local family

    The echo of steadily pounding hammers could be heard from far away. Sawdust and the smell of freshly cut wood floated in the light breeze. And the atmosphere was one of giving back to the community.

    The hammers and wood eventually created two new decks for a Taylor County family, built by Campbellsville University students, Kentucky Heartland Outreach personnel and volunteers from Lowe's.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Campbellsville Schools closes remainder of week

    With attendance rates down Tuesday, Campbellsville School Superintendent Mike Deaton made the decision to cancel classes for the rest of the week.

    On Tuesday morning, Deaton said the elementary school has been hit the hardest.

    Taylor County School Superintendent Roger Cook canceled classes for his students after attendance was down on Monday.

    With fall break next week, students will not return to class until Monday, Oct. 12.

    Both Deaton and Cook said they hope the long break will provide ample time for the illnesses to run their course.

  • Schools see mixed results on annual tests

    This year's No Child Left Behind data has left some mixed results for local school systems. Some scores are up, but several schools have been ruled as not making adequate yearly progress.

    NCLB results were released last week, along with an interim performance report that replaces CATS results. Signed into law in January 2002, the federal NCLB Act requires states to provide information on districts' progress to reach proficiency by 2014.

  • 'Summer Memories'

    The Friends of the Taylor County Public Library hosted a free "summer memories" event Thursday.

    Though attendance was down, many activities were available, including summertime stories, crafts for children to give to their teachers, snacks and a scrapbook page for photos from summer vacations.

    The library's event next month will be a tailgate party with Campbellsville University football players.

    For more information, call the library at 465-2562.


  • No Child Left Behind and Interim Performance Reports

    Click the links below to view the No Child Left Behind and Interim Performance Reports for the Campbellsville and Taylor County school districts.




  • Interim Performance Report - Campbellsville Independent





  • Farmers to see benefits from livestock program.

    The recent rise in cost of dead livestock removal has raised important questions for landowners and conservation leaders in Taylor County. However, with new grant money the county recently received, that process has become much simpler.

    "Since the implementation of our removal program, local landowners, at no direct cost to them, can easily have their deceased animals picked up," says Kathy Hodges, a conservationist with U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service.

  • School attendance OK, despite illness

    Attendance at local schools remains strong as the flu season kicks into gear.

    Attendance rates have dropped at some local schools but are not at severe levels.

    "Actually, our attendance has been a little better," said Kirby Smith, Campbellsville High School principal. "We still have some kids out sick, but I think as a whole our students are getting better."

    Campbellsville Middle School Principal Chris Kidwell said attendance had dropped a few days, but otherwise has been strong.

  • Handmade Christmas Cards

    This upcoming holiday season, residents will likely get dozens of cards with Christmas wishes. But some may get a card made close to home - by a Taylor County Elementary School student.

    Students in a social skills class, made up of a group of children with autism and related disabilities, have made Christmas cards and they will soon be for sale to the public.

    The students made the cards under the guidance of TCES teachers Brandy Close, an occupational therapist, and Jennifer Houk, a speech therapist.

  • Tower 51

    The long-awaited ladder truck for the fire department has finally arrived.

    Campbellsville Fire Department took delivery of its new ladder truck on Saturday, according to Campbellsville Fire Chief Allen Johnson.

    Originally, the truck was to be delivered earlier, but there was a delay after manufacturers accidentally drilled a hole through some wiring.

  • Discover in Thursday's print edition

    Local subscribers will notice a little something extra in today's issue of the Central Kentucky News-Journal.

    Tucked inside their newspapers, readers will find an 80-page community guide called Discover Taylor County.

    The book includes staff written articles that describe Taylor County, Campbellsville, Green River, the history of the area, economic development, arts and culture, sports, recreation, education, health care, faith, clubs and organizations, agriculture and law and justice.