• The incredible shrinking city?

    The city will formally contest Census results next month.

    During its regular meeting last Monday, Council members agreed to appeal the results. The appeal window officially opens in June, and the city will have two years to file.

    Released earlier this year, the Census 2010 results showed a drop in the city's population, while the areas outside the city grew.

  • Council says no to debt

    Campbellsville City Council members have opted not to assume Rescue's $170,000 in debt if the service is transferred to the county.

    The Council met in regular session Monday night to discuss changes made to a proposed Rescue/E-911 agreement by Taylor County Fiscal Court.

    While the Council was in agreement with five of the six changes proposed by the Court, Council members made it clear that the city would not assume Rescue's debt once the operation became the county's responsibility.

  • Court tosses ball back to Council

    Magistrates have agreed to begin operating Rescue next fiscal year - but not without asking for some changes to an agreement that spells out the details.

    At Tuesday night's special Taylor Fiscal Court meeting, magistrates voted 5 to 1 to enter into an agreement with the City of Campbellsville to begin operating Campbellsville/Taylor County Rescue on July 1.

    Magistrate John Gaines cast the lone "no" vote.

    The Campbellsville City Council approved its version of an agreement last week during a special meeting.

  • Council approves Rescue/E-911 agreement

    The city has agreed to hand over operation of Rescue to the county.

    Campbellsville City Council met in special session Thursday evening, approving an interlocal agreement drafted by City Attorney John Miller by a 10 to 1 vote. Councilman Mike Hall Jr. made a motion to approve the agreement, while Councilman Stan McKinney seconded the motion. Councilwoman Vicki Mullins cast the lone "no" vote. Councilwoman Patti Phillips did not attend the meeting.

  • County could take over Rescue

    The latest proposal to solve the issue of funding Rescue services has the county taking over its operation.

    City and County officials will discuss a proposal created by City Attorney John Miller that calls for the city to transfer operation of Rescue to the county - with the stipulation that if Council members don't like how magistrates operate the service, it can be transferred back.

  • Magisterial districts could change

    Magisterial districts could soon change, after Census results revealed that the Taylor County population is growing.

    District boundaries will be examined next month, Taylor County Judge/Executive Eddie Rogers told Fiscal Court members at its regular meeting last Tuesday, based on data from the 2010 Census.

    Taylor County was home to 24,512 people on April 1, 2010, according to 2010 Census figures, which is a gain of 1,585 from the 2000 Census.

    Rogers said three residents will need to serve on a re-districting committee.

  • City says no to county offer

    Campbellsville City Council members have rejected magistrates' offer to take over Rescue or E-911 services, a move that leaves discussions open.

    The Council's action took place at a special meeting Thursday night. The vote was 9-3 with Councilmen Mike Hall Jr., Jimmy Ewing and Greg Rice voting no.

  • Fiscal Court calls checkmate

    It's the City Council's move.

    Magistrates have offered to take over operation of either Campbellsville/Taylor County Rescue or Campbellsville/Taylor County E-911.

    For more than a month now, Campbellsville City Council and Taylor Fiscal Court have made repeated motions regarding rescue and E-911 funding.

    At Tuesday's regular Fiscal Court meeting, magistrates made the latest move by saying they believe the best solution is for each entity to be responsible for one of the services and for the two to stop sharing money.

  • Special session ends on sour note

    The special session of the 2011 general assembly ended Wednesday on a sour note, with senators casting a symbolic vote signifying their displeasure with Gov. Steve Beshear's numerous vetoes of House Bill 1 provisions.

    "We wanted to be able to override the governor's vetoes," says 14th District Sen. Jimmy Higdon, R-Lebanon.

    But House lawmakers didn't return to Frankfort, and it takes both chambers to override a veto.

  • MAYOR: In his own words


    Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young says there are only two options to solving the issue of funding for rescue and E-911 services.

    In a statement released Friday, Young stated that one of those options is for the city to continue operating Rescue and E-911, with financial support from the county.

    "I propose the county's support of Rescue to be $450,000. The current city budget would have to be reduced by $200,000," he wrote. "I will take that responsibility and allow that financial relief be given to the county."