Features http://www.cknj.com/features/todaysfeatures en Early Days June 25, 2015 http://www.cknj.com/content/early-days-june-25-2015 <p> <strong>TEN YEARS AGO</strong></p> <p> June 23, 2005</p> <p> Campbellsville native Emily Cox was second runner-up at the 2005 Miss Kentucky Pageant on Saturday.</p> <p> Thomas Caldwell, 77 of Fairview,Drive in Campbellsville, died at 9:10 a.m. on Monday June 20, 2005 in Campbellsville.&nbsp;</p> <p> Transylvania University&rsquo;s celebration of its 225th anniversary during 2005 gave a special sense of history to commencement ceremonies as 237 seniors, including Campbellsville High School graduate Benjamin Overgauuw, received a Bachelor of Arts degree.</p> Early Days June 18, 2015 http://www.cknj.com/content/early-days-june-18-2015 <p> <strong>TEN YEARS AGO</strong></p> <p> June 16, 2005</p> <p> Richard Kenneth and Ina Fern Humphress of Elkhorn will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, June 18.</p> <p> After three years of planning and fundraising, Campbellsville University broke ground June 18 for a new school of nursing.</p> <p> Marie McCubbin Cowherd, 89, of Cowherd Road in Campbellsville, Ky., died at 10:10 p.m. on Saturday, June 11, 2005 in Elizabethtown, Ky.</p> Early Days June 4, 2015 http://www.cknj.com/content/early-days-june-4-2015 <p> <strong>TEN YEARS AGO</strong></p> <p> June 2, 2005</p> <p> Adam Mitchell and Alicia Campbell were crowned king and queen at Taylor County High School Prom.</p> <p> Ryan and Holly Dudgeon were honored with a baby shower by family members on April 30 at their home.</p> <p> Campbellsville Rotary Club recently named its 2005 Rotary Scholarship Winners &ndash; Jessica Cowherd, a senior at Campbellsville High School, and Brittany Pelly a senior at Taylor County High School.</p> <p> Smokey the Bear recently visited the kindergarten class at Campbellsville Elementary School.</p> Early Days June 11, 2015 http://www.cknj.com/content/early-days-june-11-2015 <p> <strong>TEN YEARS AGO</strong></p> <p> June 9, 2005</p> <p> This year, the local Crusade for Children drive raised $34,750.36 - more than 12 percent over last year - with the help of more than 125 volunteers.</p> <p> The 2005 Taylor County Relay For Life begins Friday evening at the Taylor County High School track.</p> <p> Jane P. Chappell has been appointed vice president of Ratheon and will be based in the Dallas area.</p> <p> Bill Sanders has been named new sales manager for James Medical Equipment, effective May 16.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Early Days May 21, 2015 http://www.cknj.com/content/early-days-may-21-2015 <p> <strong>TEN YEARS AGO</strong></p> <p> May 19, 2005</p> <p> Steven Smith completed the requirements for Arrow of Light in February, Cub Scout&rsquo;s highest honor.&nbsp;</p> <p> Gideons International presented Bibles to nurses at the Medco Center during National Nurses Week in May.</p> <p> Dan Flanagan was recently chosen as the 2004 Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce Agribusinessman of the year.</p> <p> Laura Brown of Campbellsville is a winner of an annual PRIDE scholarship program sponsored by Dobson Communications Corp. of Oklahoma City, Okla.</p> Early Days May 28, 2015 http://www.cknj.com/content/early-days-may-28-2015 <p> <strong>TEN YEARS AGO</strong></p> <p> MAY 26, 2005</p> <p> Taylor County&rsquo;s annual ceremony honoring its veterans will be at 1 p.m. on Monday at the War Memorial.</p> <p> Jim and Margie Cheatham were honored with a surprise 30<sup>th</sup> anniversary dinner on Sunday, May 22at Raikes Hill Baptist Church.</p> <p> First Baptist Church hosted a groundbreaking ceremony Saturday, May 21 for its new administrative offices.</p> <p> Erica Marie Owen has been selected as the recipient of the Taylor County High School Janice Holt Giles Award.</p> Early Days May 7, 2015 http://www.cknj.com/content/early-days-may-7-2015 <p> <strong>TEN YEARS AGO</strong></p> <p> May 5, 2005</p> <p> More than 1,400 people gulped down 75 gallons of milk, 380 pounds of pancake mix and 476 pounds of sausage at Saturday&rsquo;s pancake breakfast hosted by the Campbellsville and Taylor County Fire Department.</p> <p> Rosemary Shoftner and Richard Schuhmann of Campbellsville exchanged wedding vows on March 30 in Kona, Hawaii.</p> <p> Randall Phillips, former Taylor County Clerk, was recently appointed to the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals.</p> Early Days May 14, 2015 http://www.cknj.com/content/early-days-may-14-2015 <p> <strong>TEN YEARS AGO</strong></p> <p> May 12, 2005</p> <p> About 50 nurses at Taylor Regional Hospital gathered Monday morning for the first of two Blessings of the Hands ceremonies.</p> <p> Beth Harrell was honored with a bridal shower at the home of Elsie Miller on April 17. She is bride elect of John Robert RoBards.</p> <p> Lisa Appleby and Gwendolyn Smith earned practical nursing degrees during ceremonies on April 29 at Hillvue Heights Church in Bowling Green.</p>