On your honor

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An editorial by the CKNJ Editorial Board

Most parents teach their children not to take things that don't belong to them. However, there are some people who will always feel they're entitled to whatever they want, no matter who it belongs to.

And in today's economy, such thefts hurt more than just the victims.

With the recent surge in coupon usage, newspapers in many states are dealing with increased theft from newsstands. Just last week, the News-Journal contacted police about an individual caught on camera stealing a handful of newspapers.

Now, some might laugh at the thought of police getting involved over an item that costs 75 cents. But consider this: eight newspapers were stolen, each with more than $50 in coupons inside. That makes the theft worth $406. That's not chump change for anyone.

And as a small company, such thefts hit us hard - to the tune of more than $6,000 each year.

And then guess what happens?

Our customers - you - suffer.

We want to be able to keep our newspapers in racks. It's convenient for single-copy readers. But newspaper sales rely on the honor system to a large degree.

If you pay 75 cents, just take one newspaper. Don't take one for your neighbor, your parents or your son-in-law. And for goodness sake, please don't take the whole stack.

Many of today's stores have video cameras, and many storeowners are willing to work with us to stop theft.

We're glad the coupons are back in the News-Journal. We're thrilled that our readers are glad, too.

We just hope a few bad apples won't spoil it for the whole bunch.