You can't be serious

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I was very pessimistic of the truth about what is printed in the local newspapers and people's opinions and thoughts written to the editors about local offices such as Campbellsville, Louisville, Bowling Green, etc. and the obscurity of those people. Then I read in our local paper of the open dimness of the lack of facts and truth of our local school systems and how the education - or, as I'd rather say, the lack of - is whitewashed with percentiles and percentages that don't add up to the overall scores presented by the National Education Association and World Education Associates.

By the numbers, they show [Taylor County Superintendent] Roger Cook isn't doing as good of a job as the letters that people have written about him and what a marvelous job he's doing. What? You can't be serious. I and my wife are very involved with our children's education, and I don't see, nor do I recognize, how he is doing such a good job. Actually, of the overall number of homeschoolers and public students, homeschoolers have a higher percentile. This is true.

I did witness as I had to pull one of my children out more than once because of the teachings, or I guess I should say, what is allowed. When students can wear stickers saying they're not going to talk to make a stand for being bullied or as a stand for homosexuals, now that teaches - in my opinion - promiscuity and perversion. Obviously, others don't see it that way. There are consequences for wrongful living.

As far as education goes, our schools lack in reading, writing and arithmetic. And the children in the United States don't learn the truth of our Christian history or heritage. This is also the truth, stated by the same people who give the percentiles and percentages. In other words, or maybe it's just my opinion, that is indoctrination ... they say no bullying, except if you disagree with their policies and/or ideology of their social, political, somewhat religious views, they will - and do - leave you out. I've been in this circumstance with the school system and I know others that have been thrown out.

As a concerned parent to another parent or grandparent or anyone who is concerned with what is indoctrinated into our children's minds ... but I'm sure he means well. I just don't know for who. I don't think he is for my child, but again, my opinion and observation.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the volleyball program that isn't part of the school's funded athletic program. Fully funded by parents that are locked out of their children's practice, or whatever they do. Or how parents have to sign for their child to bring home a toy doll to teach them permissiveness. So what if you get pregnant and there's no father there, we'll teach you something that only a mother can do, that's raise a child. That sounds like Obama who said if a girl makes a mistake he didn't want to burden her with a baby, so abort. In my opinion, that's also wrong.

There are consequences for wrongful living ... no matter how much money you've got, what job you've got or any other materialistic idol one may worship, maybe even themselves. Oh, yeah, that doll costs $400 to $500 that you'll have to pay for if, after all the kids play with it, it tears up. That's why parents have to sign.

I may be a little over the top, too protective or radical. I say it's the truth and the truth will make you free. Uh oh. Can't talk about the truth. My opinion also is that a child couldn't wear a sticker saying, "Ask me about the way and the truth and the life." There's more but I've used all the words allowed.

Barry Gilpin

Taylor County Superintendent Roger Cook had this response:
Volleyball has a $3,000 budget. That is more than some of our other minor sports. Anything that parents do is no more than other booster clubs that want to buy sweats or other extras.