Wishes for drug and dope free America

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By Berry

I noticed that Karen Hayes, Campbellsville Taylor County Anti-Drug Coalition, says we should show we care - ban smoking.

Well, I care what alcohol, marijuana and all the other pills and needles do. Some quit smoking so they get on dope so no one will notice. All this above will cause death, beat on children, molest their parents, hemorrhage though the nose, burn up your brain, cause cirrhosis of the liver and eventually death.

Example: you are driving along and notice an auto or truck speeding across the line. Luckily you had space to get off the road. Every day innocent people are killed or in the hospital. We need a special department in law enforcement to raid when they are notified that there are dope peddlers.

I wish all America could be drug and dope free of all dope and peddlers. Think about it.

Henry W. Berry