Wiseman had uphill struggle from the start

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A couple of suggestions for administration, search committee.

By Bobby Brockman

There are only a couple of things a 1974 alumnus of Campbellsville High School would suggest to the administration and any search committee formed to find a new head football coach for the Eagles.

First, hire someone who the administration and parents both like and want.

Let's be honest, half the folks wanted Herb Wiseman, but the other half didn't. Wiseman could never overcome the animosity that was there from Day One, no matter how well he or his team performed.

Secondly, lighten the schedule.

There's no reason to play Danville, Glasgow (on this year's schedule) and Allen County-Scottsville (on next year's slate). But I also understand that certain schools (Adair County, Hart County, Caverna, Casey County, etc.) refuse or have refused to play Campbellsville. And you can't schedule games with people who won't play you.

And I know years ago I wrote about playing Marion County. That was fine then, but coach Jeff Robbins has improved the numbers and the team and most years a Class A squad cannot compete with a Class 4A unit.

Speaking of the schedule, another suggestion might be to try to move to another district. The Eagles should always compete against those teams, but when you go to certain parts of the commonwealth, don't expect to get "equal" calls.

Why not try to play in a Louisville-type district?

It also doesn't make sense to travel two hours or so to "a different part of the world."

Wiseman seemed to only gain a reprieve for last year's run in the play-offs and when the Eagles lost at home to Taylor County, the "wolves" started howling even louder.

Wiseman did not commit five turnovers (three fumbles and two interceptions) in that game or allow three nearly all "Hail Mary" touchdown passes in the Taylor County loss.

The tough Williamsburg loss in district play two weeks ago and a lethargic effort by players and coaches on Friday at Marion County was the final straw.

If the Eagles would have won either the Taylor County or Williamsburg game or both, then the critics would likely have stayed silenced another two weeks or maybe even another season. But more than likely, that would have only lasted until he stubbed his toe and the team lost a game the "experts" felt like he/they should have won.

But the old sayings, "It's not about Xs and Os, it's about Johnnys and Joes," and "Players win and coaches lose," are true in this case and a lot of others.

Our 35th President John F. Kennedy repeated something first said by Count Galeazzo Ciano, "Victory has a hundred fathers, but defeat is an orphan."

Wiseman never pointed a finger at any of his players, but from Day One he seemed to always have several pointed at him.

The former Campbellsville University stand-out defensive back will rebound and coach again and the CHS football program, which first fielded a football team in 1931, will continue to stand the test of time.