Wigginton adds KABC top region player to list of awards

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TCHS senior will play in East-West All-Star Game, earns Kentucky All-Star try-out for Kentucky All-Star squad

By Bobby Brockman


Awards keep adding up for Taylor County High School senior Caleb Wigginton.
After earning Fifth Region Coaches’ Association Co-Player of the Year, the Cardinal, who finished with over 2,000 points, has been named the KABC (Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches) Fifth Region Player of the Year.
The award earns Wigginton a spot in this Saturday’s East-West All-Star Game at Transylvania University and also an invite and a try-out berth for the Kentucky All Stars on Sunday, April 13 at Georgetown College.
“It’s really exciting to be asked to come and try-out even if I don’t make it,” the 6-5 forward admitted on Tuesday morning.
While the recruiting process may be nearing an end, it seemed to pick up steam with even more schools being spotted and talking to the Wiggintons.
“Right now a lot of schools are interested,” Wigginton said. “I’d say the list is around 10.
“It’s a fun time, but it’s also stressful because I don’t like telling anyone no.
“I want to use spring break to visit some schools and narrow my list.”
Wigginton has not put a target date to commit to or announce for a particular college or university.
“My goal has always been to play at the highest level that I feel comfortable,” Wigginton continued. “I want to find a school first that fits me and then I’ll see if I can still play basketball.”
Although one can tell he wants to, Wigginton is not 100 percent certain he will play collegiate basketball.
“Basketball will end, but  what I do in college will affect the rest of my life.
“I want to find the school that really fits me. Right now I haven’t found that school yet.”
Wigginton said in a December interview that he planned to major in mechanical engineering. He’s a 4.0 student and attended the Governors’ Scholars’ program last summer.
Wigginton did take time off this week from his spring sport to practice for the all-star game.
“Tennis is my relaxation sport,” Wigginton admitted. “It’s my wind-down from basketball.”

Caleb Wigginton missed the first game of his senior campaign with a foot injury, but did not miss a game the rest of the campaign and posted these numbers in his final 32 outings at Taylor County High School.
Points per game    637 (19.9)
Overall FG%    232-424 (54.7)
2-point FG%    179-276 (64.9)
3-point FG%    53-148 (35.8)
FT%    120-159 (75.5)
Rebounds    247 (7.7)
Assists    15 (0.5)
Steals    28 (0.9)
Blocks    25 (0.8)