Why not dream big?

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

I'm a big planner. I have lists everywhere, at home, at work, in the car, you name it. Most of those lists, though, are for everyday things I don't want to forget.

But I also have a "Someday" list. Someday ... I want to travel to Europe. Someday ... I'd like to take a cruise. Someday ... I'll clean out the basement.

Who doesn't have a list like that, even if it's not written down on paper?

Even before many of us were born, a famous man named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a list ... though his was more of a "dream." And his dream included more than just travel or cleaning plans.

His list included wondrous plans for all of us. His dream was that one day all of humankind would be considered equal, that each individual would be valued for their minds and their contributions to humanity rather than the color of their skin and the stereotypes that often accompany it.

I have a dream for the future. I want my children to be able to watch the evening news and not have to ask so many "Why?" questions.

"Why would those parents hurt their own child, Momma?"

"Why did that guy shoot that old lady?"

"Momma, why are we still fighting in Iraq when they're killing our soldiers?"

"How come people use drugs when they're bad for them?"

How does one explain to children why people in our world do horrible things to one another, and especially to those who are helpless and can't defend against it?

I dream of a happy, successful future for my children. I hope that each will decide to further their education and choose a career that fulfills them and go on to contribute to their community in some positive manner. I dream of growing old with my husband and welcoming grandchildren into our lives.

I also dream that someday our country's leaders will actually "lead" us, that so much of the discord and dishonesty we hear about will fade away into the history books.

There's a difference between "managing" and "leading." Don't get me wrong, we need managers, people who control, plan and organize, but we need leading more. Leading is about motivating and inspiring people to achieve a common goal. Therein lies the difference. Our country is facing a choice for a new president later this year. Will we choose a manager? Or will we choose a leader?

My "someday" dreams are simple compared to King's, but if each of us works toward making similar dreams a reality, then the world will be a better place.

What do you dream of? What do you dream of for your children? For the future? Tell us.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the News-Journal and Greater Campbellsville United's annual essay contest in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And dream big.