Why did court dump animal control board?

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By The Staff

The divide between Taylor County Fiscal Court and members of the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is likely greater now than ever before. And, frankly, we understand why.
In December, magistrates voted to revive the defunct Animal Control Board, inviting two SPCA members to join. This agreement was spurred by the allegations of abuse at Taylor County Animal Shelter. Those allegations have since been proven false following a state investigation.

Author Terry Goodkind once said, “Reality is nothing. Perception is everything.”
Magistrates abandoning their plans for this board could lead people to perceive lots of things, few of them good.
Still, forming this board could have only been a good thing for the county. It would have gone a long way toward assuring people that Taylor County Animal Shelter adhered to the strictest of standards.
True, the Court has a committee — the New Projects and Special Services Committee — which discusses animal shelter issues. But, this committee meets infrequently. And still, what’s the harm in following through with the plan to revive the animal control board? Those meetings could have easily piggybacked on the New Projects Committee meetings.
Instead, magistrates decided to back out of their original plan to revive the board. And with no real explanation as to why, we’re all left scratching our heads.