Who's in charge of subdivision regulations?

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Recently I ran into a conflict regarding restrictions on our subdivision. I called every official I could to find out how to get the issue resolved. Ultimately, I was told that if it was in reference to adherence to the restrictions or covenant made when the subdivision was formed, I would probably have to file a lawsuit against that person for there was no one to enforce the rules.

My question is this: why do they even allow these restrictions if the authority isn't placed with someone or some department to enforce? It's not just my subdivision that faces this problem, and it's not just Campbellsville/Taylor County. The problem is statewide.

I have spoken with several people who were involved in creating subdivisions with good intent when placing restrictions. But each one has said that once they sold the last piece of property in the subdivision, they have no control over it. This is the very reason why there should be someone or an office that oversees these types of things so our community doesn't fall into disrepair and the values of our homes don't plummet.

I take pride in my home. It's not the most fancy, but it's mine. I chose a neighborhood that I thought was well maintained. Then, after a few years and several people moving in or out, it seems all the restrictions have gone by the wayside.

I am hoping other concerned voting citizens will make their voices heard on this issue all across Taylor County and Campbellsville so we can get some help getting our simple bylaws of the community enforced. They don't have to be written, they are already there. We just need some help enforcing them so we can have neighborhoods that will attract people wanting to bring their business and their families to Taylor County and Campbellsville.

Linda G. Montgomery