What's next?

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By The Staff

Congratulations to residents of Campbellsville and Taylor County who took part in the public idea exchange forum regarding a possible school district merger Thursday night.

A hearty thank-you to the representatives of Campbellsville Independent School District, Taylor County School District, Campbellsville City Council and Taylor County Fiscal Court for their willingness to come together to listen and participate in the discussion.

This coming together of all entities would not be possible in many communities. The meeting was full of intelligent questions, ideas and opinions expressed in a civil manner.

A number of questions were raised regarding financial impact, demographics, facilities, staffing, curriculum and extracurricular activities. Within the demographics of Campbellsville and Taylor County, concerns about age, socioeconomic trends as well as the tax base - now and in the future - were brought out.

The next step lies with all residents of Campbellsville to remain in discussion with the Campbellsville Independent School Board members to keep them informed of your ideas.

We encourage the Campbellsville Independent School District to study the questions raised and evaluate the future impact. Open discussion is just a beginning. An informed decision, based on the good of all students, parents, families and the entire community, is the desired result.