What gets your news hackles up?

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By The Staff

Ever since Satan took the form of a snake and tempted Adam and Eve, there has been a mystery associated with reptiles.

Not since we published a story last week about a man charged with transporting "poisonous" snakes without a permit did we realize how some of what we do so affects our readers.

Write a story about a child being abused (and this is Child Abuse Awareness Month) and you might never hear a peep. Write a story about someone transporting snakes and you're getting advice all day.

That's what makes the news business so interesting and frustrating at times.

Two callers to our switchboard on Thursday took us to task over "errors" we had in the story "Man charged after officers find poisonous snakes."

One caller said the snakes are venomous and not poisonous (as our headline so stated). The other said that snakes aren't animals (as we said in the story), but reptiles.

We couldn't argue with either caller even though we were working off the premise that a snake is a reptile and reptiles are animals. Also, the dictionary says "poisonous snakes" is a common phrase.

You wake up in the morning and you never know what's going to be on the mind of readers. We appreciate their concern.

We'd also like to know what they think about stories about child abuse. Where's the outrage about that?