We need to be worrying about more than smoking

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By The Staff

This letter is in response to Betty Amos' letter to the editor discussing the smoking ban. I must first say that I am in absolute agreement with her and I appreciate her opinion and concern.

It seems to me that this town could use a few more persons with the same views as Amos. I'm sure Amos deals with a lot of children and adolescents with drug abuse problems or other issues. I've heard of her and her work, and I commend her for the progress she has made for many people in this community.

However, she and a few other concerned individuals cannot do it alone. Yet the citizens of Campbellsville are partly to blame for this because they listen to what they are told instead of speaking out like Amos and Mr. (Ricky) Cox. The leaders of this community need to sit down and arrange a priority list. I believe if that list was constructed properly, public smoking would not be near the top.

Personally, I believe that if you own a business in this town and you dislike smoking, then you should be the individual to ban it from your business and property. Many people ban it from their homes, so why can't they be allowed to do the same with their businesses?

However, this shouldn't be about smoking. I think we have bigger fish to fry in this town than to worry about public smoking and second-hand smoke. Yes, they are health issues, but we have bigger issues that are being ignored. Smoking never impaired someone's judgment - misuse of controlled substances do every day.

Drugs and violence are not the only things we should be worrying about instead of smoking.

What about employment? With another factory closed, more individuals, including myself and many of my friends and family, have had to turn to other counties to find employment. That alone has been going on for years. But what can you say? Campbellsville never was great about providing jobs for its citizens.

We need to worry about those children who have no food or clothes even when their parents work two jobs. We need to be thinking about those roads that need to be fixed and those stop lights that should have been put up a long time ago. We need to worry about the condition of our town and the care that has been denied to the town alone - not just the people who live in it.

But instead of worrying about the major issues, we fall into a game of "follow the leader" with cities like Lexington and worry about smoking.

What is this town coming to? Do we really need to worry about unused landfills and smoking bans or can those issues wait for a later date?

What we need to worry about is the very people who will be running this town 20 years from now. Personally, I don't want to be forced out of my hometown because it has turned into a town of crime, drugs and high unemployment rates.

I'd rather someone smoke in front of me than get in their car high on who knows what and put multiple individuals in danger. But I guess the City Council feels different.

Miranda Nunn