We cover the community

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By The Staff

The Central Kentucky News-Journal is your community newspaper. As such, we focus mainly on issues and events that happen in Taylor County.

That's not to say we won't write about other nationwide or even worldwide issues, but those stories will be written with an emphasis on how they affect those of us who live in Taylor County.

With the limited resources we have at our small newspaper, we usually can't touch those complicated investigative stories such as the nationwide economy or the current health care debate.

What we can do, however, is write local stories about local people and how those larger issues affect them. We also provide our readers with information in the form of guest editorials from various experts offering different viewpoints on those issues that will hopefully help our readers to make informed decisions.

But as a rule, our coverage of the community will always focus on just that - the community.

Each year at this time, during National Newspaper Week, we like to remind our readers what's important to us. And that is to let you know what's happening in YOUR community.

We want to chronicle the lives of our community's families. We want to be a reflection of your lives. We feel that's our most important duty.

We also want our pages to reflect the latest news of local government and schools.

News stories present the facts and explain the issues, from all points of view.

Then, on the Opinion Page, editorials offer the newspaper's take on those issues and suggest a course of action. Columns will reflect a particular writer's point of view about a variety of issues. Letters to the editor give community members a chance to sound off with their own opinions.

Our inside pages keep you up to date on upcoming events, milestones in your lives, the education and sporting events of your children, your faith and your local businesses.

Only community newspapers can reach out to everyone in the community - and the Central Kentucky News-Journal does just that.

Every Monday, and every Thursday.