Want to share a favorite recipe?

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By Becky Cassell, Editor

Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share with others? If so, we've got just the book for you ... and you can help local students at the same time.

The News-Journal's Newspapers In Education program is working on a community cookbook that will include all your favorite recipes - AND raise money that will help provide NIE subscriptions for students to use in their classrooms.

In the past year, the Central Kentucky News-Journal delivered more than 800 newspapers to local classrooms each Monday and Thursday.

At a reduced price of $12.96 per student, teachers have the benefit of unlimited uses.

Farrah Hord, a teacher at Campbellsville Middle School, says her students make use of each issue.

"The NIE program has allowed my classroom to keep up with current events," Hord says. "The NIE has also assisted me with teaching the students how to write articles for our on-demand testing."

At Taylor County High School, Lynn Kearney says he and his students use the News-Journal on a weekly basis as well.

"The CKNJ is a valuable tool in the classroom," Kearney says. "We use it at the beginning of class to allow the students to be informed on current events in our community."

Since the News-Journal is such a popular alternative to the traditional textbook for local teachers, we want to provide copies for more students.

That's why we're raising money for them through a cookbook.

And we hope you'll help.

Submit your favorite recipe to Rose Rainwater at the News-Journal office, either by e-mail at circulation@cknj.com or by dropping it by the office at 428 Woodlawn Ave. by June 26.

Or perhaps someone you know has a dish that you've been dying to make yourself ... encourage them to submit the recipe.

We will type up all the recipes and combine them into a book that we will offer for sale to the community. We'll start taking orders on July 4 at our booth during the festivities downtown. The cost of the book will be determined by how many recipes - and how many pages - the book contains.

About Newspapers in Education

Today's students will be our leaders of tomorrow.

That's why we focus on children through our Newspapers In Education project each year. They truly are our future.

The NIE project is a worldwide initiative that promotes the use of newspapers in the classroom. Each year, we attempt to provide all local students with copies of our newspaper. Teachers can use the newspapers for many subjects - from science and math to English and social studies.

It costs just $12.96 per copy for the entire year.

We thank those of you who sponsor a classroom all year long, and we also thank those of you who choose to round up your subscription price to the next dollar and donate that excess to the NIE program.

We strive to bring the newspaper and the community together by providing a learning opportunity for every age. What better way to start that than through the schools?