Walking for James

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CKNJ publisher sets out to walk 100 laps at Relay for Life Friday

By Moreland Jeff


As many of you know, the Central Kentucky News-Journal lost a close friend last year when James Roberts, a reporter for the newspaper, lost his battle with cancer. He was 36 years old.

I got to know James while I worked at the Springfield newspaper. When I came to the CKNJ, we quickly became even closer friends, and we discovered that we had similar interests in books, movies, music and more. Few knew it about him, but he was even a hockey fan.

It never came up until James became ill, but we also both enjoyed "The Price is Right." My visits to see him would often just happen to take place around 11 a.m., and he and I, along with his wife, Abby, would watch the show while we talked.

Before his death, James talked a lot about his faith, and he was at peace with God when he passed away. I know he is with God today, and that gives me peace, too.

Other than spending time with our loved ones and praying for them, there's not much we can do for someone with cancer. Sadly, the last thing I was able to do for James was to serve as a pallbearer at his funeral, which was an honor for me.

While we can't do anything for those who have lost the fight with cancer, we can honor their memories and help those who continue to fight. That's what I plan to do Friday night, and I hope many of you will join me.

In memory of James, as well as in an effort to help those who are currently diagnosed and those who will be diagnosed with cancer, I plan to walk as much as I possibly can during this year's Relay for Life. My goal is to walk 100 laps, and I've approached many friends, community leaders and others, asking them to make a pledge for each lap I complete. Four laps around the track equals one mile, so if I reach my goal, I will walk 25 miles. Thankfully, that walk will help raise a good amount of money, as those I've spoken with have committed pledges ranging from 25 cents per lap, all the way up to $5 per lap.

If you'd like to make a pledge, please contact me at the CKNJ by calling (270) 465-8111 or email me at publisher@cknj.com to make a pledge.

The Central Kentucky News-Journal's Team James will also have a booth at Relay, and you can stop by and make a pledge, take part in our kissing booth, play games and other.

OK, that kissing booth part probably needs some clarification. James was a huge fan of the band KISS, and because of that, we are aiming to KISS Cancer Goodbye! We don't plan on any physical kisses being given out, but you can stop by the booth for more details about this fun activity we have planned and help us raise money to fight for a cure.

Taylor County's Relay for Life runs from 7 p.m. Friday to 3 a.m. Saturday.

For more information about Relay for Life, visit www.taylorcountyrelay.com or call (270) 403-6204.