Vote no on liquor

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By The Staff

When I first moved here almost 12 years ago, I wondered why this place seemed different. It was so different that it irked me with an urgency to understand the mystery.

Sure, there are less expensive houses, but they seemed to be sweet, and I asked myself, "Why?" It took me so long to decide. I kept scratching my head about it for a few months, continually wondering.

One day it hit me, "I know what it is! Campbellsville is pretty; that's what it is. The whole place is charming. There is no ugly spot."

I drove around and noticed. There are no bars here. There is no restaurant with dark corners, no buildings with windows painted black, and no ugly billboards, showing embarrassing, slinky ladies continually teaching all of our children.

There are no entire aisles in the grocery totally dedicated to liquor, no "bums" on the streets, no scenes of wobbling, loud, rude people coming out of restaurants. And no bad neighborhoods exist - entire streets whose property values are ruined by being near to liquor.

I never stand in a line at the grocery and smell liquor on someone's breath, never have to advise my children to avoid certain streets.

All of these things were normal in the cities I came from. This whole town is nice, delicate, delightful, genteel, clean, groomed, even fastidious. What a pleasure to find this sweet place to live.

Today, I am concerned for the vote about allowing a little liquor to be sold in just some businesses. If it passes, the loss will be too much to pay; and Campbellsville will lose its graceful elegance. They say it could cause only a little bit of change. But I say it's a slippery slope.

Vote no on liquor. Keep all of Campbellsville pretty.

Barbara Thompson