Vote how you want to vote

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By The Staff

On Tuesday, May 20, citizens living in the city of Campbellsville will have the opportunity to go into the voting booth and express their wishes relating to whether or not restaurants in Campbellsville that qualify should be able to serve liquor by the drink.

As is usually the case when these kinds of issues arise, there has been a proliferation of hypocrisy, exaggerations, distortions and statements not supported by facts. I urge you, the voters of the city of Campbellsville, to go with your own heart and make your own decision because there are individuals and special interest groups that are attempting to influence your decision on how you will vote on this issue, most with an agenda that includes only their values, ideals and wishes for the future, with little regard for anything or anyone else.

Some of these people are the finest, most honorable folks you will ever meet and certainly an asset to the community, but, unfortunately, a good number of them fail to realize that they don't have all the answers, that it's not all about them and that there might be a better path to a prosperous future for this community than the one it is on right now or the one they would like it to be on.

The best things that will come out of this are that a binding decision will be made by the people of this community at the voting booth, and that the electorate will have a chance, for a change, to impose a personal preference instead of having some governmental body impose a personal preference upon it.

The citizens of Campbellsville cannot afford to let this rare opportunity to actually have a real say-so in what goes on pass them by. Get out and vote. And, most of all, vote the way you want to vote and not the way someone else wants you to vote.

Marty Bagby