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By The Staff

Fall in southern and eastern Kentucky is a magical time. Fall foliage paints our hillsides with color. Driving through this scenery can be breathtaking.

Unfortunately, litter spoils the views in some places. Please volunteer to solve that problem during October, which is Roadside PRIDE Month in southern and eastern Kentucky.

We need a team effort. You can help by cleaning the road you travel the most. Recruit friends and family to join you in the great outdoors. PRIDE will take care of the trash bags and trash disposal fees. Your local government will pass along the trash bags to you and pick up the trash you collect.

By teaming together, our region will win. We will enjoy litter-free roads as we drive around town. Our economy will gain from the tourists who travel to soak in our fall foliage. A cleaner environment is safer for our children and even wildlife.

As a bonus, your hometown team could win a trophy. Roadside PRIDE Awards will go to the region's counties and cities that recruit the most volunteers and pick up the most litter between Oct. 1 and Oct. 31. Your competitors are cities and counties with similar populations to your own.

To volunteer for your hometown team, call Taylor County PRIDE Coordinator Debra McNear at 465-7729.

Thank you for doing your part to care for our environment. If you have questions, call the PRIDE office at (888) 577-4339 or visit www.kypride.org.

Karen Engle


Eastern Kentucky PRIDE