U.S. Senatorial candidate visits community

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By James Roberts

Bruce Lunsford, the Democratic challenger to Mitch McConnell's U.S. Senate seat, met with about 75 supporters in Campbellsville on Friday.

An entrepreneur and former Kentucky Secretary of Commerce, Lunsford brought his message of change to the campaign stop, saying the nation should no longer accept the status quo.

"I think we have a system that is corrupt because it is 'pay to play,'" Lunsford said. "Our generation is effectively leaving a mess for our children and grandchildren to clean up."

But Lunsford says he wants to change the course.

A lifelong Kentuckian, Lunsford is graduate of the University of Kentucky and Salmon P. Chase College of Law. Throughout his career, Lunsford has worked as a certified public accountant, attorney, health care executive, theme park investor and film producer.

Lunsford targets his opponent, McConnell, when speaking on the issues.

"[We are] buying toys on credit and bankrupting the family. Earmarks are political patronage."

McConnell is the "guardian of gridlock," Lunsford said, and bows to special interest groups.

The U.S. needs to expand its horizons in terms of energy, he said. While lawmakers speak of the need to drill for oil, Lunsford said that is only a small fraction of the options.

Coal, Kentucky's most abundant resource, he said, should be a major part of America's energy plan. Lunsford's plan would also call for investment in research on alternative and renewable energies.

On the health care front, Lunsford said he would stand up for universal health care. There are 47 million Americans without insurance, a fact Lunsford blames on McConnell and his fellow Republicans' refusal to change the status quo.

Lunsford said the nation needs change in order to prosper and he feels he's the right candidate.

"I want to solve problems. I'm a doer. I'm not a debater."

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