UPDATE: Death investigation continues

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Toxicology, other test results expected in coming weeks

By Calen McKinney

The investigation into what caused April Miles' death is continuing.


Preliminary autopsy results have revealed nothing suggesting foul play, but the cause of Miles' death is still unknown.

Miles, 40, was found dead in a semi truck last Tuesday. Taylor County Sheriff Allen Newton said deputies were called to Robinson's Marine parking lot on KY 55 at about 3 p.m. and found her in the back of a semi truck.

An autopsy was performed last Wednesday in Louisville. Taylor County Coroner Terry Dabney said many standard tests, as well as a toxicology test, were done and will help investigators piece together what happened to Miles.

Until complete results are back, Newton said, Miles' death will be investigated as a death investigation.

Newton said Miles appeared to have been lying in the back of the truck.

"It just appeared she was sleeping," he said.

Newton said he expects toxicology results in a week or two. His deputies will spend this week collecting statements from family, friends and others and performing forensic tests on Miles' cell phone.

He said the autopsy results, so far, have really been inconclusive. The medical examiners have said they didn't find anything that would have caused Miles' death.

"They didn't see anything that alarmed them at this point," he said.

If the toxicology test doesn't reveal the cause of Miles' death, Newton said, his deputies will have to take their investigation in a different direction.

Until then, Newton said, the case will proceed as a typical death investigation.

"Just sit and wait at that point," he said. "Unless we find something unusual."

Miles' funeral was yesterday at Lyon-DeWitt Funeral Home. She was buried in Good Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery.

According to her obituary, Miles was married to Rik Miles of Campbellsville.

She has a daughter, Rachel Beasley of Ratcliff, and two sons, Joshua Tucker of Campbellsville and Aaron Miles of Bowling Green. An obituary will be published in an upcoming issue.

Miles' sister Bobbie Kaye Holmes said her sister grew up in Campbellsville and had a typical childhood.

Holmes said her sister had a daughter at a young age and drove a semi truck. She said Miles and her husband married about a year and a half ago.

"April battled a lot with her own emotions," Holmes said.

Last Tuesday, Holmes said, Miles was traveling back to Campbellsville from Alabama with her husband. She said the two had been arguing and Miles said she wanted to sleep in the truck for a while.

When someone went to wake Miles, Holmes said, she was found dead.

Holmes said she and her family have mixed emotions about what happened to Miles and are still trying to piece together what happened to her.

"April was a joy to be around," Holmes said. "She'd do anything for anybody and do without. That was probably her biggest downfall, that she did for everybody else and not herself."

Holmes said her sister loved her children. She said they made her feel like a queen.

"They were her crown," she said.

And Miles was expecting a grandchild in about three weeks, Holmes said.

"She liked to feel pretty," Holmes said. "And her kids made her feel that way."

Holmes said she and her family knew Miles had been struggling lately. Her mother and father died in October and March, respectively.

"She was happy to be 40 and looked good," Holmes said. "I think she was sad inside but she put on a good show for the outer world."

Holmes said Miles loved spending time with her friends and will be missed by them and her family.

"Very greatly, she will be," Holmes said.