University benefits us all

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By The Staff

First, one notices the increased traffic. Then it's the busy parking lots. Those are two of the more obvious clues that Campbellsville University has begun a new semester and students from all over have arrived to make Campbellsville their temporary home.

But there are other clues as well, some much less noticeable to the average person.

With a fall semester enrollment of 2,405, there will be extra people to spend money in our stores, buy our gas, eat our food and attend our activities.

Campbellsville University is no longer just "our" school. We're attracting those from other communities - and countries - as well. And with more than 2,000 students, it's a good bet we'll notice some unfamiliar faces. Let's do our best to make them feel welcome.

It has become quite commonplace for CU to continuously top its previous enrollment record. They've been doing that for some time now. And with all the new residence halls and other buildings such as the student complex, the new school of nursing and athletic buildings, CU continues to grow to accommodate that increase.

Add in the dual-credit program for high school students, graduate degree programs, evening degree program, nursing program and plans for a new School of Education and School of Business and Economics ... well, the list just goes on and on.

And everything that's a positive for CU is a positive for the community as well.

What more could a community want?