Twins repeat as Major League champs

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Sixth team in last 21 years to record back-to-back titles

By Bobby Brockman



After losing the opening game 2-1, the Twins rebounded to take the next two tilts and claim the Major League baseball championship for the summer at Miller Park.
Tanner White pitched the Rockies past the Twins on June 11 as Tate Morris had two hits for the victors.
Ryan Kearney singled twice for the Twins.
The Twins won easily, 11-3, on June 12 as Kearney homered among his three hits and Griffin Hall had two hits and Chanson Atkinson won on the hill.
White singled and homered for the Rockies.
Hall hit a one-out, three-run homer to send the Twins past the Rockies 7-6 on June 13.
Hall also got the mound victory.
White and Grant McQueary had two hits apiece for the Rockies.

Little League Baseball champs (1956-2013)
1956    Indians
1957    Indians
1958    Yankees
1959    Indians
1960    Cardinals
1961    Cardinals
1962    N/A
1963    Yankees
1964    N/A
1965    White Sox
1966    Twins
1967    Twins
1968    Cardinals
1969    Mets
1970    Twins
1971    Indians
1972    Twins
1973    Yankees
1974    Red Sox
1975    Cardinals
1976    Mets
1977    Mets
1978    Twins
1979    Giants
1980    Red Sox
1981    Red Sox
1982    Mets
1983    Cubs
1984    Mets
1985    Mets
1986    Yankees
1987    Mets
1988    Twins
1989    Giants
1990    Yankees
1991    Giants
1992    Red Sox
1993    Reds
1994    Reds
1995    Giants
1996    Giants
1997    Cardinals
1998    Cardinals
1999    Reds
2000    White Sox
2001    Cardinals
2002    Reds
2003    Reds
2004    Braves
2005    Indians
2006    Indians
2007    Twins
2008    Reds
2009    Braves
2010    Red Sox
2011    Astros
2012    Twins
2013    Twins

The All-Star teams were announced on Saturday morning for this  year’s seven-team District 5 Tournament to be held at South Hardin from June 29-July 6).
12-year-old team
Lane Bottoms    Astros
D.J. Goodin    Astros
Blake Richard    Astros
Wyatt Houk    Padres
Jackson Hinton    Red Sox
Grant McQueary    Rockies
Tate Morris    Rockies
Griffin Hall    Twins
Ryan Kearney    Twins
Treyce Mattingly    Twins
Cole Frazier    White Sox
Landon Shively    Yankees
Manager    Lynn Kearney
11-year-old team

Dawson Cole    Giants
Noah Hughes    Padres
Nicholas Knifley    Padres
Hunter Maupin    Padres
Tre Goodin    Red Sox
Jack Herron    Red Sox
Wes Oliver    Red Sox
Blake Allen    Rockies
Arren Hash    Rockies
John Orberson    Rockies
Brennon Wheeler    Twins
Braxton Gowin    Yankees
Manager    Garin Hash
9-10-year-old team
Tristin Faulkner    Astros
Weston Garrett    Astros
Cayden Harris    Astros
Cole Wright    Giants
Kaden McNear    Padres
Garrett Thomas    Padres
Tanner Edelen    Rockies
Seth Hash    Rockies
Dillon Whitaker    Rockies
Landon Crews    Twins
Peyton Dabney    Twins
Kyler Beard    White Sox
Manager    Tony Whitaker