Twice isn't always nice

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By The Staff

The second time around doesn't always make it right.

Earlier this year, the Taylor County School Board approved an extra nickel tax. A petition committee saw to it that the issue was brought before voters in June, and residents voted it down.

Now, the Taylor County School Board is once again trying for a nickel tax, though this time it's asking for even more - 5.6 cents.

On Tuesday night, Board members gave final approval to this year's tax rate - the 4 percent increase allowed by law without being subject to voter recall AND an extra 5.6 cents per $100 of property valuation.

We have always believed that a new elementary school is needed in the Taylor County School District, but now is not the time for a second attempt - especially just three short months after voters rejected the nickel.

Parents say mold at TCES is making some children sick and there is a problem with overcrowding at all the District's schools. Neither of these issues are conducive to learning, which is what we want for our students ... no matter what school they attend.

Emails and one-calls don't necessarily reach the people who need reaching - especially those in the out-lying areas of the county.

Three months after voters made it plain they don't want to pay an extra tax is simply too soon to try it again.

If the School Board truly wanted to do right by its students, it would have taken more time to work toward educating voters on why they should be in favor of the tax - with plain and simple explanations.