Trump for president?

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By James Roberts

Donald Trump for president? It could be worse.

I went home for Easter last weekend and the stormy weather kept me indoors for most of it. History wasn't showing anything to my liking so I switched to my backup - the news stations.

Seems there were only two stories this weekend. Trump's possible bid for the presidency and some English kids' marriage plans. Occasionally, the Trump/royal wedding coverage was interrupted by real news - severe weather updates.

Most amusing was a panel of "talking heads" that discussed whether American news media should really care about the royal wedding. They argued for several minutes about how they shouldn't be talking about this.

A royal wedding doesn't mean much to me, so I tuned in to the many discussions of Trump.

From the beginning, I never believed that Trump was serious about running for president. Why would he want that job? To be honest, in today's world, he would have far more fame and respect if he stuck with his "Apprentice" show. Reality TV seems to carry more currency these days than being the leader of the free world.

But in the last few weeks it seems Trump, or at least the 24-hour news networks, are getting a bit more serious about that presidential bid.

I shudder to think that, if Trump ran, he'd likely have a good shot at winning. Many would vote for him simply because they recognize the name.

Of course, Trump blew any momentum by saying he'll make an announcement regarding the presidency on the season finale of "Celebrity Apprentice." Two words come to mind - publicity stunt.

I haven't watched the show, nor do I intend to tune in for the finale (which could have already aired for all I know). But Trump saying he'll make a statement only on his TV show says a lot about his intentions. He wants ratings, not votes.

The show has made plenty of headlines this year with Meat Loaf's outburst over Gary Busey's lack of sharing.

If Trump can't keep the peace between those two, how is he going to manage the United States' shaky relations with hostile countries?

At the end of the day, this Trump nonsense is simply yet another distraction in an endless stream of distractions from the real issues.

Trump is running for president. William and Kate are getting married. Who cares?

Have we forgotten that our federal government nearly shut down? Does anyone remember what happened in Japan? Are there U.S. soldiers still dying in the Middle East?

At least I know I can always turn on the TV news networks and find out what Snooki is up to.