Tough times for all of us

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By The Staff

As we all well know, our nation is facing tough economic times. For a while, we seemed to fare better than many in other, larger cities.

But real estate sales eventually slowed, companies are laying off workers and still others have instituted hiring and wage freezes.

It's a tough time right now, for sure.

A story on today's front page is the first in a series of stories about today's tough economic times and how many people are making do with less.

And that story only illustrates how amazing it is that nonprofit organizations continue to be able to do their work - as evidenced by yet another story on today's front page.

The annual charity tea and auction to benefit Hospice of Central Kentucky generated more than $7,000, which is down some from last year but not as much as one would expect in these current economic times.

Next up are the Rotary Club's annual auction and the annual Toys for Kids and Toys for Tots projects, and we can only predict that they will also do well.

If one adds in the fundraisers that our school children participate in on nearly a weekly basis, it's amazing what our community does to help others.

It's that generosity from the public that makes Taylor County such a good place to live and raise our families.

Aren't you glad you live here?